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Introducing Unity Gaming Services

October 21, 2021 in Engine & platform | 8 min. read
Animated blue and green square with zones depicting different products and services in Unity Gaming Services
Animated blue and green square with zones depicting different products and services in Unity Gaming Services

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The fastest way to create and manage cross-platform multiplayer games for studios of all sizes

Our mission at Unity is to provide the tools you need to make your game successful, so that is why we are so excited to announce a suite of new tools and services that simplify any developer’s ability to create cross-platform multiplayer games. Say hello to Unity Gaming Services

Today, games don’t just launch, they live. Players are hungry for consistent content, feature updates, and functionality – and most games require support well after launch.

Supporting a live game takes time, energy, and expertise that many studios, especially smaller ones, simply do not have. We’ve listened to our community’s challenges in creating and running games and we’ve developed our new set of game-ready tools for studios of all sizes.

With just a few clicks right from the Unity Editor, Unity Gaming Services instantly brings multiplayer games online through seamless integration with Unity Netcode and Transport. The platform also includes everything developers need for live game operations no matter their size, including providing you the ability to sync game logic with Unity’s backend services without going through a heavy platform release process. 

Officially launching today, you can try several new services as part of our open beta. Unity Gaming Services is free to start with transparent pricing, and you only pay as your game scales. We can’t wait for you to dive in and let us know what you think.

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The fastest way to make cross-platform multiplayer games

Animated screen, with green circle and wires coming out of it
Creating and getting your multiplayer game live is now just clicks away.

Powering online play has always been a challenge, and it can be difficult to strike the balance between speed, performance, and features. 

With Unity Gaming Services, you can create connected online gameplay with cloud-enabled tools, services, and infrastructure. This includes in-game voice and chat, Netcode for GameObjects, and our new open beta tools.

These open betas are available today – Relay and Lobby. Relay enables multiplayer peer-to-peer experiences by connecting peer-hosted players with the new Relay service and the Unity Transport package. Lobby empowers players to play together with custom private or public rooms for great multiplayer gaming experiences.

Both are attached to Unity Netcode and Transport to automatically get your game online straight from the Unity Editor.

Easy-to use tools for live operations

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Handle all scenarios for running a live game with tools built to work together from the ground up and mix-and-match products to best suit your needs.

Often one of the most challenging parts of launching a game is managing live ops. By combining existing cloud infrastructure tools with a new suite of beta products, we’re empowering game developers to build seamless and flexible live games.

Cloud Code creates serverless functions where game logic can interact with other game backend services without going through a heavy platform release process. Cloud Save allows you to track and store player data including player abilities, statistics, and more – enabling cross-device accounts for your players.

Economy makes it easy to define in-game currencies and store players’ balances. You can even manage your economy in real time without updating the game client. Authentication allows you to assign an account to players coming in, and attach all the data generated by the backend products to each player.

Once your data pipelines are in place, perfect the player experience with dynamic content updates using our established Player Engagement tools. Deploy personalized content and marketing strategies at scale without any code changes. 

All the insights you need to be successful, in one place

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No matter how complex your tools or content, monitor your game’s performance in a single, connected interface.

Creating a personalized experience for players is the key to long-term engagement, but often one of the most difficult things to get right. Analytics makes it easy to understand and improve game performance so you can intelligently tailor your engagement strategy. 

This all takes place in a single data repository and dashboard with a 360° view of your game performance.

Analytics equips studios with the ability to easily understand game performance and player behaviors through predefined dashboards, Data Explorer, and more. Cloud Diagnostics gives you real-time error monitoring to resolve the crashes and exceptions impacting your game stability.

Grow your game and bring in new players

Green animated dollar coin coming out of a green slot
Join millions of developers using one of the largest and most effective ad networks in the industry.

Our monetization products make it easy to drive revenue while delivering a great player experience with ads and in-app purchases, while our user acquisition products help run your own advertising campaigns to obtain more players.

Unity Ads is easy to integrate into your mobile game and allows you to build a sustainable business as either a premier studio or a small developer. Our suite of monetization product also includes Mediation, which increases ad demand from top networks by driving more competition for player’s attention and higher yield for your game.

Try UGS as you develop your titles without breaking your budget. It's free to start and you only pay for what you need. 

Once in the Unity Dashboard, you can choose your own SDK depending on your needs. Our products have multi-environment support where you can view and manage your product's deployments from dev to production.

To stay in the loop, follow our new UGS channels on Twitter and Facebook or visit our new Unity Gaming Services Forums.

October 21, 2021 in Engine & platform | 8 min. read

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