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An announcement about Ziva
April 2, 2024
in News | 2 min. read
Representative image for the command design pattern from the Level up your programming with game programming patterns e-book
January 12, 2024
in News | 5 min. read
Key art for Andris Gauracs’ title This is Fine: The Game
December 18, 2023
in News | 10 min. read
Key artwork from Kaizan Creed’s 5 Force Fighters
December 13, 2023
in News | 6 min. read
Gameheads participants at one of its annual student showcase events (Image courtesy of Gameheads)
November 20, 2023
in News | 2 min. read
Over-the-shoulder audience view of the Unite 2023 Keynote session, held at the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam
November 17, 2023
in News | 8 min. read
November 16, 2023
in News | 11 min. read
Key art for the Unity for Humanity 2024 Grant featuring human silhouettes of varied sizes and genders walking downhill
November 14, 2023
in News | 7 min. read
Unity logo on multicolored background of black, greens, and yellows
November 6, 2023
in News | 2 min. read
Collage of logos and artwork from 15th Unity Awards nominees for The Golden Cube (or, Best Overall Game) award [artwork, left to right]: Dave the Diver, IMMORTALITY, Sons of the Forest, Dorfromantik, Cult of the Lamb, and GTFO
October 25, 2023
in News | 5 min. read
Unity logo on black background
September 22, 2023
in News | 3 min. read
Flat white Unity logo over graphic background of black, pink, blue, and white shapes
September 12, 2023
in News | 9 min. read