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Jessica Lindl
Jessica LindlVP, Social Impact, Unity

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Young, trendy group of professionals using computers in a creative office or business people working together.  Focus is on a gray-colored set of headphones.
May 24, 2023
in News | 5 min. read
How a new workforce development program is propelling real-time 3D careers in Ontario | Thumbnail image
May 1, 2023
in News | 6 min. read
Professional gamer (female) and her team participate in an eSports cyber games tournament. She has her headphones on and, as a team leader, commands strategical maneuvers into a microphone.
March 23, 2023
in News | 9 min. read
Light shining through a view of trees
December 8, 2021
in News | 13 min. read
Purple background with the Unity logo and the words, "Unity for Humanity Summit 2021, October 12, 2021" overlaid in white.
October 13, 2021
in News | 8 min. read
Person sitting at a wood table in front of a laptop with a writing instrument in hand.
September 15, 2021
in News | 8 min. read