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Unity and Sauce Labs launch Cloud Diagnostics Advanced

November 15, 2022 in Engine & platform | 5 min. read
Unity and Sauce Labs launch Cloud Diagnostics Advanced | Hero image, update
Unity and Sauce Labs launch Cloud Diagnostics Advanced | Hero image, update

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Explore how you can improve the stability of your game with Cloud Diagnostics Advanced, a crash and error reporting tool powered by Backtrace. 

Identifying and fixing technical challenges is critical for developers of all sizes. Discovering bugs, building comprehensive status checks, and implementing fixes when problems arise all help to ensure your game is running smoothly. 

Since 2020, Unity has partnered with Backtrace and Sauce Labs to deliver their industry leading solution for crash and error reporting tools. This was a great start, but with the advent of Unity Gaming Services, there was an opportunity to develop something that could grow and interlink with a whole suite of other gaming tools.

Enter Cloud Diagnostics Advanced: A solution that helps you identify, investigate, and resolve the crashes and exceptions that are hurting your player experience. With new support from tools like Backtrace, Cloud Diagnostics Advanced now offers an enhanced crash and error reporting solution with the ability to scale up to handle crashes and errors for millions of players. 

The best part is that Cloud Diagnostics Advanced is available to use directly in the Unity Dashboard.

Screen image of Cloud Diagnostics Advanced in the Unity Dashboard.

Key features

Generating structured crash reporting: Process errors with a single system implemented across your build via cross-platform call stack with event aggregation and monitoring.

Optimize issue priority: Save precious development hours by prioritizing the key errors impacting your game. Organize based on the number of hosts or clients impacted, runtime data, or custom attributes.

Automated error analysis: Cut down on resolution time by surfacing important signals that lead engineers directly to the cause of the crash.

Highly customizable error reporting: Capture all the extra data you need, allowing you to diagnose problems and implement fixes, all based on how you want to set up reports.

Flexible workflow integration: Enable seamless error management by implementing debug data into your teams’ existing workflows SCM, alerting, ticket tracking, messaging, and more.

Costs that scale as your game succeeds: Start with modest up-front costs to access the tools and error capacity you need for testing and early launch, then scale up as your audience grows.

Upgrade from Cloud Diagnostics for more

You might be familiar with Cloud Diagnostics, the crash and error reporting tool that is included with your Unity Personal, Plus, Pro, or Enterprise license. For studios running games that are driving larger audiences, those base tools might not be enough to meet their needs.

Cloud Diagnostics users who upgrade to Cloud Diagnostics Advanced will get far greater crash and error reporting capacity, more detailed and customizable reports, more storage space, broader platform support, and more.

Cloud Diagnostics for Unity Plus, Pro, and EnterpriseCloud Diagnostics Advanced, powered by Backtrace
Basic detail in crash and error reportsMore detailed and highly customizable crash and error reports
Supports Mobile and PCSupports Mobile, PC, Console, and more
10,000 crash and exception reports per day1,000,000 crash and error reports per month, additional capacity can be purchased
1GB reports storage100GB reports storage, additional storage can be purchased
Integrations with Webhook, Email, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and JiraIntegrations with Webhook, Email, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, Asana, Jira and Jira Assignee controls

The upgrade is made simple via a data ingestion process that pulls the last 90 days of crashes and errors from Cloud Diagnostics into Cloud Diagnostics Advanced. This lets your team maintain their momentum and not have to worry about managing two systems during a migration period.

For a full list of upgraded features, including a wide range of customization and filter options along with a comprehensive FAQ, visit the Cloud Diagnostics Advanced product page.

Get ahead of the game by accessing the documentation, consult the Unity Gaming Services Pricing page, or contact us directly for any and all questions about Cloud Diagnostics Advanced.

November 15, 2022 in Engine & platform | 5 min. read

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