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Start learning data-oriented design in Unity with these resources

February 22, 2024 in Engine & platform | 4 min. read
Megacity Metro
Megacity Metro

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Optimizing performance while maintaining scalability is vital for helping your game succeed across platforms. The Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) can be a game-changer, enabling you to deliver more complex and ambitious experiences to players on a wider array of devices. However, moving from an object-oriented to a data-oriented design approach can be an adjustment, even for seasoned programmers. 

To help you get started with data-oriented design in Unity, we’ve put together this reading list. From educational video tutorials to inspiring customer stories, these resources offer practical insights and guidance so you can hit the ground running with DOTS. 

Dive in with our comprehensive list of DOTS learning resources below.

Templates and samples

ECS samples: Get hands-on with our DOTS sample projects on GitHub covering Entities, Netcode, Physics, HDRP graphics, and URP graphics.

Character controller samples: Use the ECS to configure common character movements like walking and jumping, as well as character collision.

ECS Network Racing sample: This racing game sample showcases best practices for using Unity Netcode for Entities. 

Firefighters sample: Previously used for internal Unity training, this project will be the focus of the upcoming DOTS bootcamp. Take this GameObject-based project and unlock performance using DOTS components.

Megacity Multiplayer:  Available now, this third-person multiplayer action demo supports 64+ players. Learn more about building ambitious games using ECS for Unity and our Multiplayer solutions.

Megacity Metro: Megacity Metro is a scalable, high-concurrency, cross-platform demo of our latest technology, including the Netcode for Entities package.


Entities: This package provides a data-oriented implementation of the ECS architecture.

Entities Graphics: This package contains systems and components for rendering ECS entities. 

Netcode for Entities: This package provides a server-authoritative framework with client prediction for use in multiplayer games.


Understand the basics of the core DOTS components using the official Unity Documentation pages, including overviews of Entities, Unity Physics, and Netcode for Entities.

Unity Learn

DOTS best practices: This two-hour advanced course focuses on ECS. Learn how to improve runtime performance in code written using the DOTS packages. 

Physics for ECS: Understand how and when to use Havok Physics for Unity versus Unity Physics, our two Entities-based physics solutions.

Basics of DOTS: Learn the fundamentals of DOTS, which lets you implement data-oriented design to create higher-performing applications. You’ll follow three sample scripts to help you get started with the Jobs System and Entities.

Get acquainted with DOTS: Three tutorials for intermediate developers addressing common questions that you or your team may have in the primary stages of your DOTS learning.

Data-oriented design bootcamp: Revisit the recordings from all four sessions of our recent community learning event.


Unity Forums: Talk data-oriented design with other developers, and get your questions answered in our ECS for Unity subforums: Entity Component System, Graphics for ECS, Netcode For ECS, and Physics for ECS.

Discord: Join the Official Unity Discord to chat in real-time with devs about ECS concepts, Burst, Jobs, Netcode for GameObjects, and more. 

Unity Twitch: Go under the hood of Made With Unity games. DOTS streams include Bare Butt Boxing, V Rising, Ship of Fools, Zenith: The Last City, and most recently, Cataclismo

Unity Insiders: Follow community creators like Turbo Makes Games, Code Monkey, and Taro Dev for educational content on data-oriented design.

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Turbo Makes Games on DOTS

DOTS in production

Zenith: The Last City: See how Ramen VR leveraged Entities to enable scale and avoid rate limits while building their ambitious VR MMO.

V Rising: Discover how Stunlock Studios uses data-oriented technology to power a sprawling open world.

Bare Butt Boxing: Learn how Tuatara Games built modular software architecture with DOTS for their early access multiplayer game.

HEROish: In this GDC talk, Sunblink Entertainment’s Justin Larrabee discusses harnessing ECS to build a successful mobile adventure game. 

DOTS roundtable: Stunlock Studios’ Rasmus Höök and Sunblink Entertainment’s Justin Larrabee join Unity’s Andrew Parsons and Joe Valenzuela to share how they use Entities in Unity 2022 LTS.


Curious about the future of DOTS now that we’ve released Entities 1.0? For more information, check out the DOTS development and next milestones thread on the Unity Forums.

Make your ambitious game a reality with DOTS, which enables you to create scalable, high-performance games and unforgettable experiences. Get the latest features with Unity 2022 LTS.

February 22, 2024 in Engine & platform | 4 min. read

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