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Professional gamer (female) and her team participate in an eSports cyber games tournament. She has her headphones on and, as a team leader, commands strategical maneuvers into a microphone.
March 23, 2023
in News | 9 min. read
Explore AR creation with the latest Unity Learn Pathway | Thumbnail image
March 17, 2023
in News | 9 min. read
Inclusion starts here: Why a year spent supporting representation was the best of my career (so far) | Thumbnail image
February 17, 2023
in News | 7 min. read
Celebrating real-time 3D creators and social change in 2022 | Thumbnail image
February 9, 2023
in News | 10 min. read
Photo of Robbie Coey
January 30, 2023
in Games | 12 min. read
7 tutorials to help uplevel your Unity skills in 2023 | Thumbnail image
January 5, 2023
in Games | 6 min. read
Making VR education accessible to the next generation of creators | Thumbnail image, version 2
November 29, 2022
in News | 8 min. read
5 courses to level up your game development skills, thumbnail image
October 6, 2022
in Games | 3 min. read
Announcing the Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant recipients, thumbnail image
September 29, 2022
in News | 12 min. read
VR Development Pathway - Unity Learn, thumbnail image
September 1, 2022
in Games | 10 min. read
A white truck going down on a forest road, all made in Unity editor
July 21, 2022
in Games | 27 min. read
A trio of characters are framed in the center of an image: a short goldfish with a friendly expression, a tall salamander in a confident pose, and a frog gazing intently at a potion bottle. Behind them, a neon sign identifies a building as The Library.
June 9, 2022
in Games | 6 min. read