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SpeedTree® creator Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV) joins Unity

July 22, 2021 in News | 6 min. read
SpeedTree header image
SpeedTree header image

Unity acquires IDV, makers of the SpeedTree® suite of vegetation modeling and environment-creation products for architecture, games, visual effects, and real-time simulations.

In recent years, we’ve seen the worlds created in Unity grow exponentially more complex. Greater numbers of Unity creators want to bring large, complex, and lifelike worlds to their experiences. Trees and foliage are an essential part of such worlds, and we believe that SpeedTree offers the best solution for anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently add natural, organic-looking vegetation to environments.

SpeedTree technology is already being used widely across the game industry, from indies to AAA, in media and entertainment, and for architectural visualization projects. SpeedTree has been a key part of Unity’s ecosystem for quite some time, and this acquisition will solidify and improve SpeedTree’s integration into the Unity portfolio to make it even easier for creators to add organic elements to their projects.

The SpeedTree portfolio – SpeedTree Modeler, SpeedTree Engine, and SpeedTree Games SDK – provides visual creators with the means to realize their own artistic visions using powerful procedural and hand-modeling tools. Creators can also leverage the SpeedTree Library’s comprehensive array of trees and foliage to start adding natural-looking assets to their experiences right away.


Tuned for artists

The SpeedTree Modeler is a procedural vegetation modeler that allows artists to create and modify any type of tree or foliage. Users can design their own tree and branch structures by simply “drawing” in the modeler with a tablet or a mouse, making it one of the best vegetation design tools available today.

Cherry blossoms

What’s next

Current SpeedTree customers can expect the same level of quality and support that they currently enjoy. Like many Unity products, including Vivox and Multiplay, SpeedTree’s tools and expansive library of ready-to-use content is engine-agnostic to ensure that they continue to reach creators in any development environment. 

For now, nothing will change for SpeedTree or Unity customers. Long-term benefits will include deeper integration into the Unity ecosystem and better workflows between products. 

We’ve already started this process with our upcoming 2021.2 release, where SpeedTree-generated assets work seamlessly with our Scriptable Render Pipelines and Terrain system. This acquisition bolsters Unity’s artist authoring workflow and environment-creation capabilities for Unity creators across verticals. 

Stay tuned for more information about the latest from Unity and Interactive Data Visualization.

July 22, 2021 in News | 6 min. read
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