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Creators are Changemakers: Unity for Humanity Summit 2020 Highlights

October 21, 2020 in News | 3 min. read

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From Malcolm Gladwell’s keynote on inclusion, storytelling, and new platforms, to the celebration of Unity Social Impact, underpinned by 750,000 Unity common stock, Day 1 of the Summit is a triumph for the growing community of social impact creators.

Today, we’re thrilled to kick off the first-ever Unity for Humanity Summit, a free, two-day online event that brings together creators, activists, nonprofits, funders, philanthropists, and brands who are harnessing real-time 3D technology to power social impact and real-world change.

The theme of our inaugural event is “Creators are Changemakers.” This theme is threaded through all of the event programming, from today’s keynote presentation by best-selling author and one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Malcolm Gladwell, to diverse discussions and presentations aimed at helping social impact-driven creators around the world to learn, connect, and celebrate their work. The Summit is a call to action designed to inspire and empower more people to create for positive change.

During the keynote earlier this morning, I was honored to celebrate the announcement of the Unity Social Impact division. Social Impact at Unity was founded to empower employees and creators of all backgrounds to foster a more inclusive, sustainable world. The division is underpinned by the establishment of the Unity Charitable Fund, which, in partnership with Tides Foundation, provides the financial mechanism to bring this newly formed division’s goals to fruition. The Unity Charitable Fund allows us to directly support current and future Unity creators. 

By coalescing social impact efforts into its own division at Unity, we’re able to do more to have a positive impact for creators and communities around the globe. Unity has long worked to make education and economic opportunity widely available, to ensure privacy and online safety, and to demonstrate environmental responsibility through sustainability initiatives. Unity Social Impact allows us to centralize these efforts, so we can identify and act on new opportunities to help foster a more inclusive, sustainable world.

The Unity Social Impact division is built on three key pillars, which are reflected in today’s content:

  • Education and economic opportunity for all – We contribute our products, technology and expertise to enable more than 300,000 students and teachers each year to learn and create with Unity, reflecting our belief that learning should be accessible to everyone. We partner with companies, nonprofits, and governments around the world to encourage inclusive economic growth for individuals and communities.
  • Sustainability – We are integrating environmental responsibility and sustainability initiatives throughout our operations, product, and overall business strategy, working proactively to reduce our carbon footprint across more than 40 offices worldwide. 
  • Health and well-being – Unity believes that everyone deserves the ability to live a full and healthy life. Our tools are being used to explore innovative and practical solutions for managing physical and mental health, train medical professionals, and test new healthcare technologies. 

The opening remarks also addressed the existing Unity for Humanity program, which provides selected impact-driven Made with Unity projects funding, mentorship, and technical and marketing assistance. We are excited to announce that the call for submissions is open TODAY! Click here to learn more. 


To learn more about Unity’s commitment to impacting social change, please visit

To tune in virtually to Day 2 of the Unity for Humanity Summit, taking place tomorrow, October 22, please visit

October 21, 2020 in News | 3 min. read

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