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3 reasons editors love Parsec for Teams

May 30, 2023 in Industry | 7 min. read
3 reasons editors love Parsec for Teams | Hero image
3 reasons editors love Parsec for Teams | Hero image

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When 72 Films, a Fremantle company, was choosing a remote desktop solution for its hybrid post-production team, one need was paramount: Keep the editors happy.

Editors can’t work with added lag. They need a smooth user experience that mimics on-premises workstations — not COVID-induced stopgap measures. They want the flexibility of working wherever they need to be on a given day while still staying on track with deadlines.

To give editors what they want, 72 Films chose Parsec for Teams. Parsec won out over competitors by delivering superior speed and seamless integration, so editorial workflows aren’t interrupted, and IT isn’t fielding frustrated calls about a bad connection or a login that doesn’t work.

We wanted to hear from the post-production team themselves what they liked about working with Parsec. Here’s what lead editor Dan Gulley, editor Matt White, senior tech operator Joe Meekel, and machine room manager Frank Webb had to say. Their answers covered a range of subjects, but these are the themes we heard again and again.

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1. Parsec is faster and smoother than other remote work solutions we’ve tried.

The consensus is clear: Parsec just performs better.

Matt White told us, “I’ve used a variety of systems before, and Parsec is the best system I have used. It’s fast, simple, and it works on your existing kit. With another solution, they had to send me a specific laptop, and I prefer working on my own equipment. Parsec works particularly well with different home monitor setups. The full-screen playback works really well, which is great when you are at home and playing back sequences. Parsec also works extremely smoothly. I didn’t have problems with lag or speed.”

Other Parsec benefits the 72 Films team mentioned include working effortlessly across platforms (Mac/PC), Parsec’s intuitive multiple display settings, and how simple adjustments can fine-tune the user experience to compensate for a poor internet connection.

Ease of use and responsiveness also separates Parsec from the pack, which makes a real difference in how quickly and efficiently work gets done. “Before Parsec, other remote desktops would do in a pinch, but I was limited as to how I could operate my machine,” said Joe Meekel. “Parsec has drastically improved my workload. I can trust Parsec for speed, accuracy, and a user-friendly experience.”

Dan Gulley agreed, saying, “We used to use another solution with a VPN, which we found lengthy to set up and not as responsive. Parsec gave us secure and fast logins and a quick and easy setup with very little lag. The responsiveness is really good – much better than other platforms.”

2. Parsec lets us get started quickly and prevents interruptions.

Editors told us that Parsec allows 72 Films teams to work smarter and more collaboratively regardless of location, meaning team members don’t need to be together in one place. Despite going hybrid while facing transport issues and travel restrictions, Parsec enabled them to continue working and meet tight deadlines.

They especially like how easy it is to set up, log in, and get going. “Setup time, both for me as a support operator and for our editor clients, has been reduced significantly. Everybody is able to start work faster,” said Frank Webb.

Parsec also stands out for enabling a smooth, steady workflow, which improves user experience and saves loads of time. Meekle said, “The first time I used Parsec, I was astonished by how snappy it was. It’s frame responsive, and the playback is incredible. Not even terrible home internet would ruin the experience for me. Also, starting up with only a two-way authenticator and a catalog of machines at the ready is much faster than launching into a VPN with a list of IPs and then having to move in and out of software.”

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3. Parsec for Teams makes hybrid work actually work, for individuals and for business.

The flexibility to work where you are and when you’re available makes work easier, faster, and more fun. Editors talked about how a better work-life balance allowed them to be more efficient and productive. Doctor appointments, trips to the gym, and kids’ school events become routine to daily life rather than problematic disruptions.

Likewise, an unexpected development at work doesn't require dropping everything and heading onsite for evenings and weekends. Being able to jump on remotely from wherever you happen to be means editors can quickly answer a question or resolve a problem, so the production schedule isn’t held up.

Webb said, “Hybrid working is all about having a genuine and viable option to work from home if necessary, no matter the nature of the work. Parsec enabled that for 72 Films. It means I have no qualms with logging in from home to do complex NLE work, which would have caused me endless stress previously!”

Hybrid work also allows both creatives and organizations to be selective. Editors are free to go where their interests and relationships lead them, and companies like 72 Films can draw from a deeper talent pool to choose the right people for the job.

According to Gulley, “Parsec has allowed us to work with the best talent no matter where they are in the world, and this has transformed our business.”

Last words

We can’t say it any better than Meekel: “Parsec is a testament to how far the remote editing experience has changed. I can’t wait to see more of it!”

Discover what you can do with Parsec for Teams.

May 30, 2023 in Industry | 7 min. read

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