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Made with Unity Monthly: October 2022 roundup

November 7, 2022 in News | 8 min. read
Made with Unity Monthly: October 2022 roundup | Hero image
Made with Unity Monthly: October 2022 roundup | Hero image

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Whether you tag us directly or use the #MadeWithUnity and #UnityTips hashtags, it can be hard for us – let alone all of you – to keep up with everything that our community is creating at any given moment. That’s why we’re here to help. Enjoy our latest roundup of highlights, showcasing everything you need to know about (and may have missed) as it relates to community happenings for the past month.

Milestone Monday

This month again, we got to celebrate your numerous achievements – from launches to awards won, find all of our Milestone Monday posts below.

Throughout October we celebrated the launch of Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood and Teef by Rogueside Games, LEGO Bricktales by Clockstone, and, last but not least, Dorfromantik by Toukana Interactive. Keep looking out for new releases or awards every Monday on our Twitter.

#UnityTips Tuesday

As usual, Tuesdays are dedicated to #UnityTips on Twitter, and there were plenty of amazing tips shared in October.

User @SunnyVStudio shared a useful trick to detect collision when creating custom movement systems, @PixelShenanigan had a time-saving tip to show, and @BinaryImpact explained how to easily detect issues with performance. Finally, @LiamSorta had an amazing video showing different ways to juice up your Inspector.

Keep tagging us and using the #UnityTips hashtag.

#MadeWithUnity Friday

This month, again, we were amazed by the amount of incredible-looking projects we saw using the #MadeWithUnity hashtag.

Twitter’s Ghost Creative Studio showcased some great pixel-art skills when experimenting with parallax (as seen above), and Studio Oleomingus took us through a bright palace full of mysteries. Next, OMYOG had us looking for a ticket to their Iceland-inspired island, Gregory Oliveira shared some breathtaking, “EYE”-catching VFX, then Cats and the Other Lives gave us an idea of what a cat likes to do when unsupervised.

On Instagram, we had a blast looking at Unicellular Games’ little robot avoid some lasers. And, @Sydnuse_83 gave us a tour of a peaceful and sunny village, Snowtail Games brought the Halloween frills, and we explored a dark dungeon with Nick Zangus.

All in all, October was a very busy (and spooky) month. As you’re sharing projects this month, don’t forget to add the #MadeWithUnity hashtag to your post. We love to see everything you share.

Live events

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Creator Spotlights

This October on Twitch, we hosted two fantastic Creator Spotlights with creators from Turbo Golf Racing (above) and Core Keeper. For Turbo Golf Racing, the team showcased some wizard-like tools and fascinated the streaming audience with how they generated the game’s levels, as well as the interesting ways they’re using Cinemachine, Timeline, Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), and Analytics. The Core Keeper team offered a peek under the hood, discussing design philosophies, 2D lighting, tile streaming, and DOTS for multiplayer.

Don’t forget to follow us and hit the notification bell so you never miss a stream. If you missed us in the moment, don’t sweat it: We upload all full streams to a YouTube playlist.

Dev Blitz Days

Our third Dev Blitz Day took place on October 27 and was tied to the recent launch of self-serve features for Multiplay and Matchmaker and the official launch of Netcode for GameObjects (NGO). Because of these exciting launches, we opted to focus October’s Dev Blitz Day on Multiplayer.

The event was a little bit different from the previous two Dev Blitz Days, as we included our Multiplayer Networking Discord server in addition to our Official Forum and Reddit Unity3D threads. It was a blast seeing so many users and experts participate in this event, and we’re definitely looking forward to our next Dev Blitz Day.

Unity Asset Store

Celebrate the conclusion of spooky season and check out a few cool game slices shared by our community that give off major Fall vibes.

This October, more of your favorite publishers took over the @AssetStore Twitter: Catsoft Studios, the team behind the popular tool Game Creator, shared #UnityTips and tricks to help improve your game building. (Check out one of their best tips.) Later in the month, Sirenix, creator of Odin Inspector, let us in on helpful insights for speeding up workflows with their new asset Odin Validator.

We also asked you which publisher you love the most – see what everyone had to say. Speaking of love, it seems like many of you agree that DOTween by Demigiant is one of the absolute best free assets in the store.

As always, we’re big fans of the amazing work from our publishers and creators alike. Whether it’s a showcase of your assets in action or a project you made with assets, we spotlight our favorites on Twitter every Friday. If you’ve been making something for (or from) the Asset Store, share it with us using the #AssetStore hashtag. We’re always excited to see your creativity:

By the way, our annual Black Friday sale is coming soon … make sure to keep an eye out!

Released in October

As is becoming tradition, here’s a non-exhaustive list of Made with Unity titles released in October. See any on the list that have already become new favorites or have one that we missed? Tell us about it in the forums.

That’s a wrap for October! Want more as it happens? Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch.

November 7, 2022 in News | 8 min. read

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