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At WWDC, Apple announced the next evolution of the Mac. To ensure your games are future-proof, Unity has been working closely with Apple to get our macOS Standalone player up and running on Macs with Apple silicon. Unity will support Universal App builds, which enables apps to run on both existing 64-bit Intel-based Macs and future Macs running Apple silicon.

Update: As of August 21 support for Apple silicon has landed in Unity 2020.2 Alpha 21.  Please share your feedback on our forums.

To prepare a project for Apple silicon, developers should upgrade their project to Unity 2020.2 and ensure their game runs well on existing Intel-based Mac hardware. Unity will support both Mono and IL2CPP scripting back ends but will not support OpenGL graphics API, so your game must run using Metal. Developers should also make sure to recompile any native plug-ins they use.

Unity shown on Apple silicon

Unity will launch a 2020.2 Beta in the coming weeks, which will ensure the transition to Macs with Apple silicon is seamless. We’re thrilled to see what you make next on the next generation of Macs!

Topics covered