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Real-Time Area Lighting: a Journey from Research to Production

August 3, 2016 in Technology | 1 min. read

Real-time area lighting has been a long-running quest in games, with many avenues (and dead ends!) explored, but recent research has provided a new route to solving this problem. That said, as developers we all know from (sometimes bitter) experience that research breakthroughs are typically not the end of the road but the beginning. With that in mind, the bulk of this talk will go step-by-step through the process of taking the reference implementation of “Real-Time Polygonal-Light Shading with Linearly Transformed Cosines” and tuning it for production use. This talk will cover numerical issues, quality improvements, and performance optimisations that provide a significant gain on current console hardware.

Stephen Hill (Ubisoft) and Eric Heitz (Unity Technologies)

ACM SIGGRAPH Courses 2016

Link to project page with slides and notes .

Link to the SIGGRAPH 2016 Course page: Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games.

August 3, 2016 in Technology | 1 min. read