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Toxicity in gaming is escalating: Find solutions for safe and engaged communities

October 26, 2023 in Games | 8 min. read
Four multicolored balls (representing game players) wander a room made up of black cubes and are shown engaging through conversation bubbles
Four multicolored balls (representing game players) wander a room made up of black cubes and are shown engaging through conversation bubbles

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From shared victories to friendly rivalries, it’s the community that makes a game resonate. Introducing Unity Community Solutions – a suite of products designed to strengthen player connections, enhance safety, and enrich the social gaming experience. Plus, get the latest on player behavior in the just-released 2023 Toxicity in Multiplayer Games Report.

Elevate gameplay and enhance realism

Communication is the heart of multiplayer games. It shapes player interactions, strategies, and immersion in a game’s universe. The newly enhanced Vivox Voice and Text Chat is designed to elevate this experience with engine-agnostic, cross-platform services to enable player communication.

Vivox SDK updates for the Unity Editor

We’re thrilled to introduce a new Vivox SDK for the Unity Editor, which offers better functionality and an enriched gameplay experience, including:

  • Simplified API: This removes unnecessary classes and provides a suite of events out of the box
  • Ease of integration: The updated version substantially reduces the amount of boilerplate code required to use the SDK to under 10 lines of code (compared to the 400 lines of code previously required) 
  • Refined token management: Our new automatic token handling via the Authentication SDK ensures token management is hassle-free. (For those who’d like more customization, the Vivox Token Provider interface provides flexibility in creating bespoke token vending solutions)

Vivox Unity audio source integration

With Vivox audio source integration, you can seamlessly blend Vivox Voice Chat audio directly with the Unity engine’s audio system. This means that you can weave voice chat into your game’s audio mix and apply captivating effects.

  • Audio occlusion: With 3D audio capabilities, players are treated to an immersive sound environment
  • Character interaction: Vivox audio enhances in-game realism, aligning character voices with their actions and movements
  • Customizable and adaptable audio effects: Customize Vivox audio with a range of effects to enhance the overall audio experience and add depth and nuance to your gameplay
Vivox Channel Audio Tap component from the Editor

Next-level Vivox Text Chat

Voice is not the only way players communicate, which is why we’ve added more features to Vivox Text Chat:

  • Adaptive chat filter: Use advanced machine learning to cultivate a more respectful and inclusive gaming environment. Our new moderation feature is an ML-based system that doesn’t just block generic profanities – it intelligently scans for variations of inappropriate words, even when they are camouflaged with symbols or misspellings
  • Chat history and anti-flooding: Offer players the ability to revisit past chats and maintain a balanced chat environment by preventing message flooding
  • Editing and deletion: Allow players to edit or delete their messages, providing them with control over their chat interactions
  • Text evidence management: Empower your moderation team with Server-to-Server API, making it simpler to access flagged messages
  • Large channel support: Cater to massive multiplayer experiences with channels supporting up to 2,000 users

Get started

You can test out player comms in your own multiplayer titles today by registering an account or contacting us.  For those going from Vivox Unity version 15.1.x or earlier to 16.0.0, follow this guide for a smooth transition.

Tame toxicity

A fun gaming experience can swiftly turn sour when toxic behavior intrudes. According to the recently released 2023 Toxicity in Multiplayer Games Report, toxic behavior is escalating. The proportion of players who’ve witnessed or encountered this behavior jumped from 68% in 2021 to 74% in 2023. In addition, almost 3 out of 4 multiplayer gamers admit they’d avoid a new game with a reputation for a toxic community.

The latest safety solutions

In July, we launched Safe Voice in closed beta. It is now available in open beta for integration with moderation capabilities. Together, Unity Moderation and Safe Voice empower you to make confident and informed decisions, ensuring a more harmonious environment for players. With this end-to-end moderation platform, enhanced with evidence integration from Safe Voice, you are not just reacting to incidents, you’re understanding them. Use the evidence to make moderation decisions like:

  • Temporarily or permanently banning a player from the game by blocking their login through Unity Authentication
  • Temporarily or permanently restricting player access to Vivox Voice Chat

Our suite of safety solutions seamlessly integrates with Vivox Voice Chat, enabling you to build communities that are safe by design.

Hi-Rez: A case in point

Hi-Rez Studios recently integrated Safe Voice to elevate player experiences in Rogue Company, a multiplayer tactical shooter. Millions of players now benefit from an environment where engagements are about strategy, not disruptions. Explore the case study to learn more.

Still from Rogue Company, a game by Hi-Rez

More at Unite 2023

If you’re gearing up to join us at Unite, make sure to catch our breakout session, “Elevating your game community with AI-driven tools to reduce toxicity,” for a chance to explore how AI can be a game-changer in crafting positive player communities.

Connect and compete

Earlier this year during GDC, we announced Friends and Leaderboards in open beta. Since then, we’ve had close to 300 customers add it to games and heighten players’ social experiences.

Now in GA, both Friends and Leaderboards are available for free for a limited time.

Friends ensures players can create and nurture lasting in-game relationships with features ranging from sending friend requests to monitoring online statuses.

Whether tracking daily challenges, clan battles, or high-score face-offs, Leaderboards fosters a competitive spirit among players. As developers, you’ll get a customizable platform while players receive fresh challenges with every login.

Fast friends

For Triangle Factory, who implemented the Friends SDK on Breachers, this broader suite of community solutions enables easy, cross-platform relationship building among its players. Senior Developer Tijs Van de Velde noted, “Supported by excellent documentation and samples, the implementation was a breeze. [Because of this tool], our users will be able to form friendships and easily join each other in-game.”

Learn more about Breachers on the team’s guest blog.

Introducing Friends and Leaderboards | Breachers friendslist

Games today thrive on collaboration, competition, and a strong sense of community. As these experiences blend the lines between virtual and reality, they craft memorable shared moments. Unity Community Solutions provides developers with the tools to tap into this trend, enhancing player experiences and deepening connections. Ready to dive in? Start creating now.

October 26, 2023 in Games | 8 min. read

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