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Global Game Jam 2018: Bringing the community into our offices

February 2, 2018 in Community | 3 min. read
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Every year, we are inspired by the creativity and community focus that comes out of jam sites around the world. This creativity inspired us to host six different jam sites across the world as a way to invite creators into our homes and help them be part of this amazing community event.

This year we wanted to do Global Game Jam bigger and better than we have in the past. We hosted Unity Global Game Jam sites in San Francisco, Helsinki, Seattle, Brighton, Copenhagen, and Shanghai. At these sites, we saw over 450 jammers registered. By the end of the three-day event, we saw over 90 games created and uploaded to our sites alone.

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We’ll be bringing you more information on what Unity did around the world for Global Game Jam this year, including some project dives from our staff, insight into how our evangelist team brought Unity to sites around the world, and how our student ambassadors hosted sites throughout their campuses.

In the meantime, here is a handful of projects we loved to watch come to fruition at our jam sites throughout the weekend. If you're interested in seeing what is going on in our global offices, make sure to give our Instagram a follow!

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In Grok, players can control an outdated file and transfer data by transmitting energy and lighting up tokens throughout a maze while system security tries to block it. Make your way into this RetroWave adventure and avoid being deleted. 
- Created in Helsinki
Pixel Delivery
Translate a pixel image that is being sent to you in waves/rounds of color. Each layer sent to you represents a different color in the final image. 
- Created in Seattle
Lost in Static
As an evil AI runs rampant on a space station, it is up to you to control a drone capable of shutting her down. As you move through the station, you must use the CCTV cameras to navigate your drone to the mainframe in an attempt to destroy it. 
- Created in Brighton
The Game is a Team-based Local Multiplayer, where the goal is to receive a pattern of 4 notes (Left and Right Motor) through Haptic Feedback in your controller in which you have to communicate to your partner who has to use Left and Right Shoulder to mimic the pattern. 
- Created in Copenhagen
Modern Day Messenger
With the advent of emails and texting, carrier pigeons have long been out of work. Play as a pigeon starting their new job as a transcriber and use your beak to type out messages left on your desk. Be quick, though - you're paid by the number of messages you send per minute!
- Created in San Francisco
Our theme is about the cycle of a water drop. It can be seen as a journey with a transmission. The game represents three scenarios of water: solid, liquid and gas, while it is potential to be expanded to another status of water.
-Created in Shanghai

If you joined a site and participated in Global Game Jam 2018 this year, share your experience it in the comments below!

February 2, 2018 in Community | 3 min. read

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Topics covered