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Shader Graph feature examples
March 19, 2024
in Engine & platform | 5 min. read
Still from the stylized nocturnal garden scene in the URP 3D Sample
January 18, 2024
in Engine & platform | 7 min. read
Side-by-side view of the covers for two Unity e-books: “Optimize your game performance for consoles and PC” (left) and “Optimize your mobile game performance” (right)
December 7, 2023
in Engine & platform | 6 min. read
Thumbnail image for “New Shader Graph Node Reference Samples”
November 15, 2023
in Engine & platform | 9 min. read
Sample game environment showing a tiled space with multiple levels, or floors, and pill-shaped objects placed at different tiers
November 8, 2023
in Games | 15 min. read
A side-by-side look at a still image of the BatchRendererGroup (BRG) shooter sample in action next to code for the sample.
October 3, 2023
in Engine & platform | 15 min. read
Sample image/scene with HDR tone mapping applied
August 15, 2023
in Engine & platform | 10 min. read
Happy Harvest demo representative image from Unity
July 5, 2023
in Games | 13 min. read
This image and the cover image for the e-book are from PRINCIPLES, an adventure game from COLOPL Creators, the technology brand of COLOPL Inc, who developed the series of Shironeko Project and Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz.
June 29, 2023
in Engine & platform | 10 min. read
Sample scene made using Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) water system in 2022 LTS and 2023.1
June 28, 2023
in Engine & platform | 18 min. read
Accessing texture data efficiently | Cover (hero) image
May 25, 2023
in Engine & platform | 15 min. read
Ship of Fools guest blog – Thumbnail image
May 15, 2023
in Games | 10 min. read