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Unity 5.0 pre-order beta now available!

October 27, 2014 in Technology | 2 min. read
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We are happy to announce that today Unity 5 pre-order customers and Unity Pro subscribers can download the Unity 5.0 pre-order beta.

Unity 5 brings together an extraordinary collection of new features. Everyone from individuals to enterprise-size teams will be able to create content that looks and sounds significantly sharper and more polished compared to what was possible in earlier versions of the engine. There are major advancements on performance and scripting, and new platform support.

Beta access is a valuable training opportunity for what will be our largest release to date. This huge leap of quality and power comes with many new UI interfaces and scripting changes. As always, we aim to balance this out with workflows that are as straight-forward and intuitive as possible. Joining the beta offers our most loyal customers a head start in learning these new tools and APIs.

For the Unity 5.0 pre-order beta release our Learn team have created a number of tutorials to get you started with some of the new features of Unity 5:

Shading and Lighting

The Standard Shader
Lighting in Unity 5


Intro to Audio in Unity 5: Mixers and Groups
Intro to Audio Effect Processing
Send and Receive Audio Effects
Duck Volume Audio Effect
Audio Mixer Snapshots
Exposed Parameters in Unity 5’s Audio Mixer
Upgrading to the New Audio Mixer Pt 1
Upgrading to the New Audio Mixer Pt 2


State Machine Behaviours
State Machine Hierarchies

You can also peruse the following blog posts and Unite 2014 presentations:

Blog posts
Global Illumination
Frame debugger
Audio Mixer
High-performance physics
New animation features
Physically-based Standard Shader
Future of Scripting (IL2CPP)
Automatic Script Updating for API changes
WebGL Performance

Unite 2014
Mastering physically-based shading in Unity 5
Best practices for physically-based shading
Lighting workflow in Unity 5
WebGL deployment in Unity 5
Physics in Unity 5
Asset Build system in Unity 5
SpeedTree for Unity 5
Audio Mixer
Animation in Unity 5

Our developers are hard at work polishing 5.0 and awaiting your feedback. Please report any encountered bugs in the usual way. More importantly, we look forward to hearing all about your 5.0 beta experience on the forums.

October 27, 2014 in Technology | 2 min. read

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Topics covered