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State of Unity Distribution Portal: June 2021

June 29, 2021 in Technology | 3 min. read
Image of animated fantasy scene depicting a woman with a large staff
Image of animated fantasy scene depicting a woman with a large staff

Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) is growing and becoming more personalized.

Find out below how Unity’s mobile game distribution solution is further assisting developers in mobile game store registrations and submissions; meet one of our new, uniquely rewarding partner stores; and see what else is new with UDP.

Image of Unity Distribution Portal page

Guided store submissions with My Game Plan

The Unity Distribution Portal will release a more personalized, directional experience with their new My Game Plan service. Embedded into the UDP Console and completely voluntary to use, My Game Plan will ask developers:

  • Which app stores they are interested in selling their game through
  • How they plan to monetize (ads, IAP, premium, or a combination)
  • Which languages their games will support 
  • The regions where they want to sell their game

It will then return a few recommendations based on the answers it was given and help users put together a “game plan” for mobile game store submissions. This includes telling them what they’ll need to do with their game builds and metadata. 

Finally, My Game Plan will provide real-time guidance by telling developers whether their metadata and game builds are meeting those store-specific requirements. Through this, My Game Plan will considerably minimize the chances of submission rejections on both the UDP side and on the store side once developers are ready to submit their games.

My Game Plan will launch in the second half of June this year, and will be accessible through the “My Games” tab of the UDP Console or on the UDP Unity Dashboard page.

Image of hand holding a phone showing the mobile page for Uptodown

Uptodown helps developers create store content

UDP’s newest store partner, Uptodown, does more than provide an easy-to-navigate storefront and a generous 80% revenue share for its partnered developers; it also creates completely tailored visual assets and written content for developers that sell through their store. This is done to help improve game discoverability and boost search engine optimization, making games more visible and, therefore, helping to improve downloads and installs.

This, along with their 130,000,000+ MAUs and worldwide store coverage, creates an excellent opportunity for mobile games to be found, played, and paid for.

Image of the Unity Distribution Portal

Other UDP news

UDP will be migrating its Console to the Unity Dashboard, along with all other Unity services and products. The UDP story will be told more simply, linking to both the service itself and informational resources to get mobile game developers up and running in UDP more quickly. 

UDP is already available in Unity Dashboard and will complete its permanent transition this summer.

On the technical side of UDP, for more advanced users that want to automate build deployment, the team has created an API that allows developers to upload their game binaries directly to the Console.

The future of UDP

Over 1,000 studios are now using the Unity Distribution Portal to distribute their mobile games to app stores globally. All told, more than 1,500 games are reaching new, eager gaming audiences across the world, and there’s no sign of slowing.

Publishers like Azur Games and Animoca Brands, and developers of some of the most popular AAA mobile titles on the market, are using UDP. This is because UDP’s simplest mission is to increase market coverage for mobile games and create more robust success pathways for its developers. UDP makes app store distribution for Android developers less resource-hungry and more efficient.

If you’d like to learn more about UDP or sign up, their product page can be found here.

June 29, 2021 in Technology | 3 min. read
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