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Sneak Peek: Expert Certifications for Gameplay Programmers and Technical Artists

September 26, 2017 in Technology | 5 min. read

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Coming in early 2018, Unity Certified Expert exams will set the standard of excellence for professional Gameplay Programmers and Technical Artists. Sign up to get an overview of the Exam Objectives.

With the launch of the Unity Certified Developer exam in 2016, Unity Technologies established the only professional certification for the games industry. Since then, industry demand for specialized skills has increased, and so we have been working to expand and improve the Unity Certification program. In early 2018, we will be offering three new advanced-level certifications. But we didn’t want to wait till then to tell you about these new certifications, so here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Validate your expertise and stand out from the crowd

Becoming a Unity Certified Expert can demonstrate to employers that you have mastered the technical skills and applied knowledge necessary to excel in advanced roles in the games industry. A Unity Certification helps differentiate you from others in the hiring process. It denotes a high level of competency and is an excellent indicator of your commitment and qualifications.

“Being certified helps showcase your value to your current and future employers, and it gives them assurance that you know what you're doing. It also feels like a personal award for all the hard work you've done to get to this point.”

-- Sascha Staes, Lead Engineer at Outplay Entertainment, United Kingdom,
Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer beta tester

Hire with confidence

For hiring managers and recruiters, it’s hard to know which candidate really has the expertise you need. When you come across a Unity Certified Expert’s resume, you’ll know that candidate has passed a rigorous test of advanced technical skills and problem solving. Building a team of Unity Certified Experts will showcase the level of talent in your company and can help attract even more top-notch candidates.

Among the companies already seeing the benefits of certification is Samsung, which has certified more than 30 people on on the SIDIA Brazil team as Unity Certified Developers. We’ve also heard from industry leaders who participated in beta testing the Expert exams.

“I'm the hiring manager for Technical Art at Disney Interactive in Northern California, and having a way to evaluate a Technical Artist’s Unity experience is a big plus. These tests can prove that someone understands not just the basics from reading the manuals but also has experience solving specific production issues."

--Ken Proudfoot, Principal Technical Artist/VFX Artist, Disney Interactive,
Unity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation beta tester

Who should take the Unity Certified Expert exams?

The Expert Certifications are designed for professionals who have the equivalent of several years’ experience in the game industry and have shipped at least two titles. We’d be glad to send you more details about what’s covered in each of the exams. Sign up here to receive the Exam Objectives and other news as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief summary of who each of these exams were built for, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer

This certification is for those who have worked at games companies as mid- to senior-level gameplay programmers or in related programming positions. They write the code that brings the action of the game to life and implement the work of the extended development team to create the gameplay as described in the Technical and Game Design Documents.

Unity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation

This certification is for Technical Artists who specialize in Rigging and Animation. They are extremely proficient with both the creative and technical arms of development and have previously held positions at game companies in one or both fields. They work as the bridge between the animation and programming departments; write editor extensions and tools; and integrate assets into the game without sacrificing artistic vision or exceeding platform technical limitations.

Unity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Shading & Effects

This certification is for Technical Artists who specialize in Shading and Effects, have an extensive background in programming, and have experience in game companies as a programmer. They create the game's visual effects, from particles and image effects to custom shaders and everything in between, and they recreate the game's look and style as established in concept art and described in the Game Design Document.

A trustworthy standard: Validated by industry experts and rigorously tested

These Certifications are the result of deep collaboration between Unity, subject matter experts from the games industry, and testing design specialists. We conducted extensive research to identify and measure the most relevant competencies and skills for each of these roles. Currently, we are running beta tests on each of the exams.

Stay tuned: Sign up to receive info on the Certification that’s just right for you

As we get closer to launching the three new Expert Certifications, we’ll post updates on the blog about where you can get the exam and how to prepare for it. Sign up below and we’ll send you the Exam Objectives (including prerequisites and topics covered) and all the latest Certification news.

We are also working to expand and improve the whole family of Certifications to better serve the Unity community--in all stages of their careers. Sign up below to receive more info about the certification that’s right for you.

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September 26, 2017 in Technology | 5 min. read

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