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Sign up for early access to the Unity BlackBerry add-on open beta

April 19, 2013 in Technology | 3 min. read
Placeholder image Unity 2
Placeholder image Unity 2

Do you want to see how your Unity-authored content looks on a new mobile platform with powerful global reach? Then pre-register for our Unity Blackberry add-on open beta which will start later this Spring.

We’re very happy to be bringing our over 1.8 million users another awesome platform for Unity games and interactive content. You’ll soon be able to create new content for BlackBerry 10 with the same amazing tools and intuitive workflows you use today to port your games to iOS and Android. And, you’ll be able to take your already existing mobile content and seamlessly publish it to this exciting new platform.

As many of you know Unity has supported BlackBerry via Union for a while. There are over 30 Unity-authored games for the BlackBerry Playbook, and many of these games are now being migrated to BlackBerry 10. Additionally we have had a number of games published in BlackBerry App World during the Alpha including:

Shadowgun, Crevures, Wizard Ops Chapter 1, Astroslugs, The Metal Adventures of Sam, Qbism, Hungry MonstR, Double Bubble Trouble, My Horse, Hairy Tales, Sneaky Duck Lite, City of Ages DELUXE, MonsterThon, Karkov Circus, Dog Puppies Puzzle, Kitten Slider Puzzle, My Horse, Pony Puzzle, Knights of Voden and Defence of Ouril

Play with the latest tech from Unity and BlackBerry

We are calling on intermediate and advanced Unity users to pre-register in the BlackBerry add-on open beta. This is your chance to have an influence on software still under development. Some features are not yet fully supported, and others are still being optimized. You’ll get to test our new platform, report bugs and provide relevant feedback that will help Unity create a great product and jump start your BlackBerry plans.

You can pre-register here. Note that depending on the number of people who pre- register for the program it could take time for us to process the requests and send you the link to the beta site.

Just as with our other open betas for upcoming new platforms, there are important points to note before your sign up:

The hardware

You will be able to publish games to all BlackBerry 10 devices including the Z10 and the Q10 along with future devices. Once BlackBerry releases BlackBerry 10 for Playbook you will also be able to bring games to the tablet as well.

Publishing to BlackBerry AppWorld

You will be able to port your existing games to the BlackBerry 10 platform using the Unity 4.2 alpha/beta builds. We will provide a two month trial license key for all registered beta participants that will unlock BlackBerry platform support in the Unity toolset.

Please note that any project deployed with a trial license will be watermarked and not for commercial release. Developers who wish to publish their games on BlackBerry App World using our alpha/beta builds should contact the Unity Sales Department.

Be cautious about signing up if you’re on a tight deadline

It’s not ideal to become a beta-tester if you have any time sensitive dependencies to release your Unity product in BlackBerry App World. This Unity Beta product will not be fully functional nor contain a full commercial feature locked set of tools. New users to Unity should wait to develop in Unity for BlackBerry until after the public commercial release.

We’re excited to include our incredible community of users in the progress this product!

April 19, 2013 in Technology | 3 min. read