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Remote Settings upgraded to support Segments

September 15, 2017 in Technology | 2 min. read

Since our beta launch in June, Remote Settings has been very popular among our developers. The tool has been used in many different creative ways and applied to various platforms Unity supports. From updating with festive scenes to sending promotional offers, from mobile games to VR/AR - all about making games and experiences more engaging, and more fun.

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The video is from a Unity app (Space The Final ARtier) made with ARkit by our own engineer, Hollie, who's also a Unity indie developer. As you can see, she is using Remote Settings to change the flight route patterns for the spaceship in the game.

Recently, we made a significant update to this feature. Remote Settings now supports segments.

You have always been able to use Unity Analytics to learn about your players and use segments to discover how different groups of players experienced your game in different ways. In the past, it's been difficult to act directly and immediately on that knowledge, but now you can close the loop and tailor your game to suit specific groups of players — all without shipping a new binary.

And you can also set priorities if you have multiple overlapping segments in your settings.

We are very excited about this update as it enables many new ways for you to engage your players in a more personalized fashion. For example;

1: Reward your active players

Hollie made “ThreeRoseNarrow” flight pattern available to active players as an unlocked reward.

(1) Define active players as who have been playing for the last 5 days.

(2) Apply “ThreeRoseNarrow” to the segment.

2: Request review from loyal players

Hollie sends the review request to loyal players.

(1) Define loyal players as who have been playing for the last 7 days and spent at least 7 min yesterday.

September 15, 2017 in Technology | 2 min. read