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The UI Team here at Unity has been hard at work getting the new UI system ready for release in Unity 4.6. While there’s still more work left to be done, we've been showing it off at recent conferences and we have hundreds of beta users working with it already. Now we're ready to share an overview with you all.

In this video we do a walk-through of some of the key functions and workflows in the new UI, including:

  • The Canvas and how it can be used to create screen space or world space UIs.
  • The new layout and anchoring system.
  • An overview of the various UI graphics components and UI control components.
  • Examples of how the UI system integrates with animation tools.

We're going to share more about the new UI system as we get closer to the release this summer. Let us know what you're most eager to hear more about!

May 28, 2014 in Technology | 1 min. read
Topics covered