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OctaneRender for Unity update

March 22, 2018 in Technology | 4 min. read
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OTOY’s cinematic render engine integration with Unity just got its next major update, opening up new possibilities for you! As the worlds of VFX and gaming collide, explore some of OctaneRender’s latest features in Unity, bringing cinematic, path-traced rendering directly into the Unity workflow.

Introducing GPU-Accelerated Lightmap Baking

Blinding fast, and with physics-accuracy, OctaneRender® Lightmap Baking in Unity has arrived. It complements what you can do with lightmapping in Unity today, enabling you to bake large scenes in seconds.

OctaneRender lights are baked into lightmaps and applied to the surfaces for playback in real-time projects.

Leverage Unity’s Post-Processing Stack

Combine the power of Octane’s physics-based rendering with Unity’s Post-Processing Stack to design a signature look for your project. Unity’s color grading, light boom, depth of field, lens flare, and more, can now enhance cinematic scenes composed with OctaneRender® for Unity.

Bridge the gaming and VFX Pipeline with ORBX®Color grading, bloom, vignette, chromatic aberration, and depth of field have been applied to this OctaneRender scene using Unity’s Post-Processing Stack.

Bridge the gaming and VFX Pipeline with ORBX®

Integrated with 21+ 3D authoring tools, OctaneRender® now brings industry-standard VFX workflows into Unity. Import lighting, materials, geometry, cameras, and animations through OctaneRender’s ORBX® format.

Beyond traditional FBX functionality, now you can design with unbiased, physically-based lighting and customizable OSL materials and cameras. Author in your favorite VFX package, and use OctaneRender’s ORBX format to transfer into Unity.

Follow tutorials that walk you through the new workflows.

OctaneRender® for Unity on the Asset Store

Getting started with OctaneRender is easy: Simply head to the Asset Store and download any of our scene packages. When you load any one of them, you will be prompted to install OctaneRender for Unity.

The Installer Scene is a good place to start, as it’s lightweight and friendly, but any package from OTOY’s storefront will install OctaneRender. Once you are prompted to install OctaneRender for Unity, check out the Octane for Unity installation guide for the step-by-step process.

These scenes will also be used in our project-based guides, so download and follow along to learn how to get the most out of OctaneRender for Unity.

Start exploring OctaneRender for Unity today!

Visit the Asset Store and download a scene

OctaneRender® Prime, Studio, and Creator

OctaneRender for Unity comes in three versions — a free tier and two subscription options — each of which is feature complete.

  • OctaneRender Prime is available for free when you download an OctaneRender asset from the Asset Store. Prime only allows access to your primary GPU and comes with no additional plugins.
  • Annual subscriptions to OctaneRender Studio and OctaneRender Creator offer access to more GPUs and a selection of additional plugins.
    • OctaneRender Studio is $20 per month and allows access to 2 GPUs and a selection of 1 additional plugin.
    • OctaneRender Creator is $60 per month and allows access to up to 20 GPUs and a selection of 3 additional plugins
    • Both OctaneRender Studio and Creator also include OctaneRender for NUKE and for After Effects as standard plugins. Simply follow the instructions emailed after loading OctaneRender Studio or Creator to redeem and download while selecting your additional plugins.

The paid tiers also provide access to OctaneRender Cloud as one of the plugin selections, where you can render in OTOY’s cloud to harness hundreds of GPUs for longer cutscenes or baking jobs.

Learn more about OctaneRender for Unity


From hardware requirements and installation guides to project-based tutorials, learn how to unleash the power of OctaneRender for Unity:

March 22, 2018 in Technology | 4 min. read

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