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It was really exciting to see John Riccitiello, our CEO, on stage today at Google i/o with Clay Bavor as they walked through the details about their new Daydream VR product.  We believe that Google shares our vision of democratizing development, and ultimately democratizing VR, which is what makes our partnership so exciting.

Furthermore, we think mobile is going to be a key part of that, which is an easy conclusion to reach just by doing the math. With an installed base of around 3 Billion in 2016, mobile devices are already dwarfing the 1.5 Billion PCs.  That makes Daydream particularly interesting from a mass market perspective and it very smartly fits into our strategy of creating a platform that allows any developer to create once and publish everywhere.

You may have heard us talk about the “gap of disappointment,” or the slower than suspected start to VR adoption/content this year. Daydream, as well as other platforms like Samsung’s GearVR are going to help drive what we ultimately think will be massive adoption of VR globally on the scale of Billions of people 10 years out. That's no small number, and we believe it will be just that big.

We also announced today that we will be supporting Vulkan, and plan to give early access to developers in Q3 of this year.  We’re committed to solving hard problems for our developers, and we believe these announcements are aimed at doing just that.  In the end, we want people to create amazing experiences that will delight consumers across the globe.  It’s an amazing journey we’re on, go out and dream, then use Unity to bring those dreams to life.

May 19, 2016 in Technology | 1 min. read
Topics covered