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In Development - Unity Splash Screen tools

July 22, 2016 in Technology | 2 min. read

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As you saw in our recent pricing announcements, part of our new structure allows you as a Plus or Pro subscriber to disable the Splash Screen feature of Unity. In addition to this we wanted to provide a set of simple tools to let you display a co-branded splash screen with animation, for those of you that do wish to use them.

As we still require Personal Edition users to show a Unity splash screen for now, these tools will also be available and become the default method of showing the Made with Unity splash. The tools are still in development, and are currently aimed to be part of Unity 5.5. Check out the video above for what they look like in practice, and please provide us with feedback in the comments below.

Pre-emptive Questions and Answers

Q. Why not offer the shiny cube animation video we've seen from Unity recently?

A. This is a pre-rendered video clip that we may consider including for platforms it would make sense to include in (Desktop and Console) in future versions of the splash screen, but for now we wanted a light-weight simple system that everyone could use - or if on Plus/Pro - opt out of.

Q. Aliasing looks funky on the MWU logo in the video?

A. Yes, a little - because we are yet to implement AA for the splash - its in development, and we'll work on the quality up til release.

Q. What's to stop me as a Personal edition user from having a dark background with a dark unity logo?

A. We include the Overlay opacity as a mandatory feature on Personal edition, plus you'd be rendering at least 2 seconds of needless blank screen to try and circumvent the splash screen.

Q. This is cool, but why no nested prefabs?

A. Actually completely unrelated teams are working on features like this, and nested prefabs. We actually have solid ideas on how to achieve what is necessary for nested prefabs now and our core team are migrating from improving asset bundles to working full-time on this feature.

Q. Are there any Pokémon here? I heard there were Pokémon here.

A. Probably.

July 22, 2016 in Technology | 2 min. read

Is this article helpful for you?

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