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Create your first game, brick by virtual brick, with the LEGOⓇ Microgame

September 9, 2020 in Technology | 2 min. read

New users can start creating in Unity faster than ever with the LEGO Microgame (currently in beta), our most recent addition to the Microgames series.

Unity’s Microgames are guided experiences designed to get new users working in the Editor quickly and easily. They’re designed to help you move swiftly from opening your first project to publishing your first game in about 45 minutes. Follow in-Editor tutorials to better understand how everything clicks together, while making your own creative decisions and personalizing along the way. You can access the Microgames via the Unity Hub (v2.4.0).

Our latest Microgame release allows you to discover a joyful experience building with virtual LEGO bricks as you learn how to use Unity’s fundamental systems. Create and play your first game then publish it to Unity’s hosting site for user-generated games, where you can show off and share your new creation with friends and the larger Unity community.

In partnership with LEGO Games, Unity has brought the LEGO Group’s System in Play and LEGO minifigures into the Unity Editor for the very first time. 

For anyone who’s ever loved building with LEGO bricks, this Microgame is the perfect place to start your Unity creative journey. Gameplay behaviors and actions have been embedded into the virtual bricks, allowing you to build your interactive project, brick by glossy brick.

Getting started

If you’re new to Unity, you can begin here – it’s as easy as downloading the Unity Hub, launching the Editor, and opening the LEGO Microgame project to follow step-by-step tutorials that guide you through the creative process. 

Already have Unity (2019.4 LTS) installed? Just launch the Unity Hub (v2.4.0) and start a New project to load the LEGO Microgame.

We want your feedback!

Your comments are vital to helping us improve the LEGO Microgame experience for others, so tell us what you think in our form, and stay tuned for more exciting Microgame news to help level up your Unity skills. We can’t wait to see what you create!

September 9, 2020 in Technology | 2 min. read