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Calling all VR enthusiasts: target the Oculus Rift with Unity Free

December 23, 2014 in Technology | 1 min. read
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Great news! The Unity Free integration for Oculus is now available.

The Unity Free integration for Oculus gives you access to the exact same Oculus features as users of Unity Pro. You can use Unity 4.6 and the Oculus integration package to deploy any sort of VR content imaginable to the Rift!

Once you’ve got your hands on it, getting started is easy. Just import the Unity 4 Oculus integration package into Unity, open the demo scene and get going.

The release supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Gear VR with full access to LibOVR through a pure C# wrapper.

Features include:

  • High-quality in-editor VR previews

  • Simple direct-to-Rift rendering

  • Lens correction, TimeWarp, and dynamic prediction from LibOVR/VRLib

  • Layered camera support for cockpits, UI, etc

  • Cross-platform support for XInput controllers

  • Consistent IPD and head model for comfort at all world scales

  • Dynamic prediction with the DK2 Latency Tester

  • Utilities for locomotion, Tracker access, and Rift status

More detailed instructions, tips and tricks are available here. Fellowship and help are available from the Unity section of the Oculus forums.

At Unity we were enthusiastic Oculus Kickstarter backers, and we’re working closely with Oculus to optimize frame rates on games made with Unity and deliver the best possible workflow experience to all our users.


P.S.: For anyone wondering about Gear VR deployment with the free version of Unity, see here.

December 23, 2014 in Technology | 1 min. read
Topics covered