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Be the first to join the ArtEngine Mobile Closed Beta

October 13, 2021 in Technology | 6 min. read
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Let your creativity flow, no matter where you are

ArtEngine Mobile brings AI-assisted creation and material authoring to your mobile device. Start by taking a photo with your mobile camera, or simply select an image from your gallery, to generate PBR materials and easily export them into your project.

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 The mobile app (free for Beta users) allows for the creation of seamless PBR materials, as well as the ability to edit the automatically-generated Albedo, Normal, Height, Gloss, and AO maps. You can then export them as a High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), Universal Render Pipeline (URP), or Unity standard material.

Iterate at speed

Many industries can leverage ArtEngine Mobile to author PBR materials instead of relying on free library assets for their projects. This AI-assisted creation app reduces time spent in external material authoring and desktop tools; all you need is a mobile device to bring the materials straight into your Unity Scene.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can iterate through ideas and validate whether materials are suitable for your project. There’s no longer the need to devote time and effort to generating and verifying materials when you can create them directly from your mobile device and save only those that you plan to use.

Even more, this solution can support photogrammetry users as they validate materials captured in the wild and transform them into high-quality PBR materials. The preview functionality allows you to view any surface you would like to capture and see what the final result could look like.

The first mobile tool of its kind

You asked for a quick and efficient way to generate materials, and we heard your call. ArtEngine Mobile helps create original pieces of work without the wait or dependency on other online assets. We believe that creators shouldn’t spend valuable time authoring and iterating materials in overly complex desktop software. It's time to attain stellar results at speed.

The only one of its kind, ArtEngine Mobile is the first tool on the market that empowers you to create high-quality PBR materials on the go. Traditionally, users created materials procedurally or captured an image and edited it within another application. And while other mobile apps enable you to make materials, none produce photorealistic results as well as ArtEngine. Why not enjoy the flexibility of exporting materials into your Unity project, while also remaining compatible with other tools? 

Feeling creative? Users could also bring these materials into the ArtEngine desktop app and change the style, color, or even mutate these materials into endless possibilities. 

Join the Beta group and decide the product roadmap

We love to talk to our users and get feedback on the applicability of ArtEngine Mobile. After all, the feedback you provide will directly help improve the mobile app and drive the feature roadmap.

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October 13, 2021 in Technology | 6 min. read