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Asset Store: New publishers powering your next high-end project

March 22, 2018 in Technology | 4 min. read

With Unity 2018 on the horizon, Scriptable Render Pipeline will enable teams of all sizes with the ability to produce high-end visuals and gameplay performance for high-end PC, console, VR/AR, and mobile.

To deliver the next generation of high-end experiences you’ll need exceptional content, which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve partnered with several amazing publishers launching on the Asset Store to help you create your next project.

Whether you’re looking for AAA materials or high-quality models, these assets and plugins are a perfect fit for Unity 2018 and can help you create visually stunning experiences in record time.

Quixel Megascans

High-end 3D environments at your fingertips

If you are looking to build a high-end 3D game or experience with gorgeous environments, Quixel Megascans can help. Quixel Megascans is a massive scan library used by major game and film studios and is now available on the Asset Store!

As seen in Unity’s Book of the Dead and Adam, Megascans enables small teams to create AAA quality environments extremely quickly.

Book of the Dead
A screenshot from Unity’s Book of the Dead technical demo which utilizes Quixel Megascans and assets from Quixel Megascan’s Valley Pack.

Creators will now have the opportunity to access high-quality 3D scanned objects, surfaces, and vegetation, prepared for optimal performance and PBR pipelines. Quixel Megascans has provided their Lava Pack and Valley Pack pages on the Asset Store with 240+ pre-fabricated assets and a set of surfaces - scanned, on location, in South-West Australia.

Materials included in Quixel Megascan’s Lava Pack on the Asset Store.

More packs are coming throughout this year with a diverse amount of 3D content sourced representing a variety of biomes and environments.

An environment scene showcasing materials and surfaces from Quixel Megascan’s new Lava Pack on the Asset Store rendered in Unity.


AAA quality game-ready material library

Build and create beautiful game worlds with GameTextures! GameTextures provides an extensive game-ready material library to help you build your next high-end project.

GameTextures is releasing an industrial themed material pack, containing everything you need to build and texture any sort of industrial themed scene. Cracked concrete, broken tiles, metal grating, and machine siding highlight this package. They’ve also released a suburban USA texture pack, which contains some glorious wood floors, brick walls, slate tiles, roofing, asphalt shingles and more.

A sample material which is part of the Industrial Material Pack by GameTextures available on the Asset Store.

All downloads include Diffuse, Normal, Height, Gloss, and Specular maps so you can implement them into your game as quickly as possible. Powered by Substance, simply take any texture and use it with drag-and-drop functionality in any Substance powered software.

Their assets are an ideal fit for world builders such as World Creator, or ProBuilder – and are a huge time-saver for any 3D project.

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Substance in Unity

Unleash the power of PBR materials

The newly released Substance in Unity asset will help you discover new Substance materials directly in Unity with Substance Source, and speed up texturing with the all-new Substance Painter Live Link. Substance in Unity contains the plugin for Substance Source and the Substance Painter live link.

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Whether you are working in games, VFX or VR/AR, Substance delivers optimized features for you to enhance your productivity. Import physically-based Substance materials created in Substance Designer, access to the Substance Source library from within Unity, and update textures in real time using LiveLink with Substance Painter.

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Dutch 360 Skies 360° HDR

High-resolution HDR sky-textures and materials

Have you been looking for the perfect skybox for your next project? Dutch 360° Skies 360 HDR provides high resolution (4K, 8K) skyboxes which can provide stunning sky settings for any environment. The skies are used worldwide for 3D, Architecture, VR, VFX, Games, Movies and Advertisement productions.

Dutch 360 skies have been used in scenes within Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as well as Unity’s own Viking Village project.

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High-quality 3D models

Over 240+ new, high-quality models are now available on the Asset Store from Turbosquid with more on the way.  Models from Turbosquid are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world.

We’re excited to partner with these leading content creators to bring their assets to the Asset Store! Publishers will be adding even more assets and plugins to the store over the course of the next year so keep your eyes peeled.

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Visit the Asset Store today to access all of these new models and plugins for your next project.

March 22, 2018 in Technology | 4 min. read