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Announcing the release of Unity Integrations

December 7, 2018 in Technology | 4 min. read

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Unity Integrations lets you connect key Unity services to popular productivity and communication tools like Slack, Jira, and Discord. It’s a great way to get instantly notified, for example, when a new user report is submitted through Cloud Diagnostics or a teammate has pushed new changes to Collaborate.

As of today, Unity Integrations is moving out of beta and is officially available! You can get access to unlimited integrations if you have a Unity Plus, Unity Pro or Unity Teams Advanced subscription. Don’t have one? No problem – Personal Edition and Unity Teams Basic users can still set up one integration.

What you can do

Unity Integrations lets you map Unity’s service events to tools such as Slack, Discord or JIRA, which we found were among the most popular used alongside Unity. If you use another tool, you can create your own integration with webhooks. Here are the service events you can be notified about.


Collaborate provides a built-in UI that makes it easy for teams to share and sync their project with others. With Integrations, you can get notified about the following event:

  • Publish: Triggered when a new publish is made to the Collaborate project.

Cloud Diagnostics

Cloud Diagnostics (previously Performance Reporting) is a suite of cloud-enabled tools that help you identify, collect, and prioritize feedback. With Integrations, you can get notified about the following events:

  • New Crash or Exception: Triggered whenever a new type of crash or exception occurs.
  • New Crash or Exception Version: Triggered when an existing crash or exception occurs for the first time on a new version of your game.
  • Reopened Crash or Exception: Triggered when a previously closed crash or exception occurs in a new version of your game.
  • New User Report: Triggered whenever a new user report is received.

Cloud Build

With Cloud Build, you can automatically compile, deploy, test and share your game with your team. With Integrations, you can get notified about the following events:

  • Build Queued: A new build has been queued for processing.
  • Build Started: The build process has begun.
  • Build Canceled: A queued or in-progress build has been canceled.
  • Build Success: A build process is successfully completed.
  • Build Failure: A build has not succeeded.
  • Build Restarted: A build process has been restarted.
  • Uploaded Local Build: A new local build has been uploaded for sharing.

How to get started

Integrations take only a couple of minutes to set up. To create a new integration, go to the Developer Dashboard, select the project that you want and click Settings > Integrations. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Changes from the Beta

The last few months have been very busy! Not only have we added integration support for Cloud Diagnostics and Cloud Build, we’ve also been revamping the flow on the Developer Dashboard to make setup even easier. You can now configure multiple service events with a single tool rather than having to set up a new integration for every service and tool combination. We’ve also added a toggle for you to set the active state of a configured integration:

We appreciate all of you who have used Unity Integrations and have given us feedback. As a thank-you, all existing integrations, even for projects that are using Unity Personal Edition and Unity Teams Basic, will continue to work.

What’s coming next

We’ve started working on new tooling support to help you work faster. The two main areas that we’ve been getting a lot of requests about are email notifications and Trello support.

Email Notifications: You’ll have three configuration choices that will let you define if you want to be notified per event, like what you get now with the current tools, or you can set a daily or weekly digest. Exact options will be service-specific. However, Cloud Diagnostics is the first one planned to integrate both per event and digest notifications.

Trello: With Trello integrations, you’ll be able to create a new card or update an existing one, depending on the service.

Have feedback or want to get involved?

Are you using a tool you’d like us to support, would like a new feature or have an issue to report? We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at or reach out to us on the forums.

December 7, 2018 in Technology | 4 min. read

Is this article helpful for you?

Thank you for your feedback!