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Introducing APM Music! For over a decade, APM Music have been the go-to music resource for AAA game publishers and developers, providing a comprehensive, high quality, easy-to-license catalog. Starting today, vast numbers of these tracks will be available to download from a completely new section of the Asset Store. We couldn’t be more stoked!

“Recently, there have been high-profile games scored largely (even entirely) with hundreds of APM cues. Proudly, I can say that those games have received excellent soundtrack reviews. Additionally, we work with many high profile game composers whose tracks are available in the APM Music Store.”

Rob Cairns, APM Music Director of Business Development, New Media & Digital

All your musical needs catered for

The range of music available from APM Music is huge. There’s everything from well-known classical pieces, vintage/archival/period tracks and world music, to a plethora of pop, indie, electronic music, rock and metal.

Use it for in-game scenarios such as source music (coming from radios, restaurants, etc.), boss battles, cut-scenes/cinematics, themes and more. Plus, you can use Hollywood-caliber music to enhance your trailer for maximum impact!

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Simple licensing

Search. Listen. License.  It’s that easy!

After you hear a track you want, click the shopping cart icon to review and select your license type (based on the size of your business or organization), add the track to your cart, continue shopping or checkout!

APM is a joint venture between EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, it’s probably the world’s leading production music library & music services company! Check out their catalog by having a listen on the Asset Store!

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Охваченные темы
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