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The demo is updated with usage of the SafeArea API, which helps you to contain UI functionality within the usable screen area of your device.
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Immersive UI for projects

Discover how you can create and implement UI interfaces in Unity with UI Toolkit. Check out this curated list of our latest UI Toolkit blogs to get started.

User interface is a critical part of any game. Done well, it’s invisible and carefully woven into your application. If done poorly, however, it can frustrate users and detract from the gameplay experience.

UI Builder Visual workflows
Unity UI Toolkit

Extend the Editor with custom interfaces for intuitive authoring. Enable cross-team collaboration and create stunning UI for games and applications.

Whether you’re using more traditional elements like health bars and pop-up messages, or elements completely embedded in the game world, such as showing stats on the back of a player’s survival suit, the UI is integral to immersing players in your game’s story, realm, and artistic style.

Start with this curated list of UI Toolkit blogs, get inspired by a small team that created a complex city-builder UI, or jump directly in the sample projects UI Toolkit sample – Dragon Crashers and QuizU, to learn how you can create and implement UI interfaces in Unity.

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Screenshots from the UI Toolkit Sample – Dragon Crashers – and the QuizU sample projects.
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September 9, 2022
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Unity UI toolkit preview
April 20, 2022
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