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The demo is updated with usage of the SafeArea API, which helps you to contain UI functionality within the usable screen area of your device.

Discover how you can create and implement UI interfaces in Unity with UI Toolkit. Check out this curated list of our latest UI Toolkit blogs to get started.

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The empty Keynote stage before attendees filed in at Unite 2023

From Unity 6 to the 15th Unity Awards, bookmark this list to revisit the magic (and news) out of Unite 2023.

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Multiplayer reading list, preview image

Dive into Unity's multiplayer solutions with this curated reading list aimed at providing valuable resources for developers of all levels. You'll find tutorials, articles, demos and documentation to help you build solid and scalable multiplayer infrastructure.

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Reading list: Make it multiplatform | Hero image

This is your one-stop reading list packed with best practices, pro tips, and in-depth technical guides to help you with a multiplatform launch.

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Unity gen art | devblog reading list hero image

This reading list groups some of the top technical blogs for devs from devs that we’ve shared to date. Whether posted in 2017 or 2023, each article in this list represents a resource our readers regularly return to.

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2022.2 Tech Stream representative image

Want to learn more about what’s new in the 2022.2 Tech Stream? Check out this list of curated stories, deep dives, and more to get started with our latest release.

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Games Focus reading list, thumbnail image

In our Games Focus blog series (2022), leaders and dev teams from across the company share what they’re working on, what you can expect from future releases, and what it means for you and your projects.

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Reading list | Most-read stories on the Unity Blog, thumbnail image

Curious what others are reading when they come to the Unity Blog? This list offers an always-up-to-date look at what our readers are visiting (and revisiting) in droves.

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Optimize game performance reading list, thumbnail image

Smooth performance is essential to creating immersive gaming experiences for your players. By understanding profiling and performance best practices in Unity, your game will perform at its best across a wide range of platforms and devices, and you can better plan for success while significantly expanding your player base. In this reading list, we’ve compiled blog posts that are packed with tips for achieving maximum performance.

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Hero image for "Design engaging games" reading list on the Unity Blog.

Discover how Unity can empower you with the tools you need to design engaging games. Check out this curated list of our latest game design blogs to get started.

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Room view

Aprenda sobre o Unity e obtenha certificações para suas habilidades em Unity! Confira estes blogs para saber como começar a usar o Unity como estudante, amador e profissional.

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Dragon Crashers demo

Nós preparamos uma lista de leitura dos nossos melhores blogs sobre 2D repletos de dicas para elevar o seu desenvolvimento de jogos 2D.

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Augmented reality simulation

O Unity Mars incorpora dados de ambientes e sensores no fluxo de trabalho criativo para que você possa criar aplicativos de AR inteligentes com consciência do contexto e responsivos ao espaço físico, trabalhando em qualquer local e com qualquer tipo de dados.

Nós preparamos uma lista de leitura para você saber mais sobre o Unity Mars e seus recursos.

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