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Unity for Humanity: The Rare Impact Challenge

November 16, 2020 in News | 3 min. read

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Today, we’re opening a challenge for immersive experiences that address mental health and wellbeing.

Unity Social Impact develops partnerships that align with our program values to offer more ways to support impact-driven experiences. This is why we are so thrilled to announce that the Rare Impact Challenge – created through a partnership between Unity Social Impact and Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact and previously announced at the Unity for Humanity Summit – opens today. For more information, please visit

The Unity for Humanity Rare Impact Challenge offers funding and technical support to projects made with Unity that address mental health and wellbeing, particularly in underserved communities – a term that we recognize leaves room for these communities’ differences around the globe. We look forward to seeing how creators are using Unity technology to support myriad people, perspectives and backgrounds, and their communities.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing

Rare Impact aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues, create awareness for the epidemic of chronic loneliness, and address themes related to mental and emotional wellbeing. The Unity for Humanity Program celebrates the meaningful and positive impact real-time 3D experiences and tools can have, and as many creators are focusing their work on mental health and wellbeing, this partnership is designed to enhance and support the work being done in this space at this critical moment.

The Rare Impact Challenge accepts any type of project (such as a game, animation, AR interactive installation, or VR experience) that is made with Unity and encompasses these themes. Projects must be in production, and a video or prototype must be included in the application.

The challenge opens today, November 16, 2020, and will be accepting submissions through January 15, 2021. Two winners will be selected to receive $25,000 USD each in production funding, as well as technical support for their project. For more information on the challenge and how to apply, please visit


Closing soon: The Unity for Humanity Program call for submissions

If you are a creator making content that addresses themes of social, healthcare, education, humanitarian, and/or environmental issues, don’t miss the 2020 Unity for Humanity Program call for submissions. This annual program that funds changemaking projects made with Unity will remain open for applications through November 20, 2020. For a detailed breakdown of how the program works in 2020, please take a look at the quick overview presented at the Unity for Humanity Summit.

And yes, if your project matches criteria for the Rare Impact Challenge and the Unity for Humanity Program Call for Submissions, you can submit an application to both opportunities. Learn more about the Unity for Humanity Program at

Relive the Summit to be inspired or learn something new

If you missed the 2020 Unity for Humanity Summit or want to be inspired, we encourage you to visit the Unity for Humanity YouTube playlist, where you can check out amazing talks, presentations or panels. To explore some of the stunning social impact experiences that were highlighted at the event, check out the showcase featuring projects on themes of education and inclusive economic opportunity, healthcare and wellbeing, inclusive storytelling, and environment and sustainability.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate and empower your changemaking work through the Unity for Humanity Program.

To submit to the Rare Impact Challenge, the Unity for Humanity Program or to learn more about how Unity is supporting social-impact experiences, please visit

Let’s keep creating meaningful change!

November 16, 2020 in News | 3 min. read

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