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Unity acquires Obvioos, creators of Furioos

November 1, 2019 in News | 2 min. read
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Democratizing development using real-time 3D tools is at the heart of what Unity is all about. Today, we’re excited to announce that Unity has acquired Obvioos, the creator of Furioos, a cloud-based video streaming service out of Lille, France.

Furioos makes real-time 3D broadly accessible by streaming 3D applications to any device with an internet connection. Their cloud rendering service can set up near-instant interactivity with 3D apps away from the end-user device, all with virtually no download time and low latency to any platform, anywhere. How? Furioos uses the same technology as cloud gaming, so applications run in real-time on a cloud server equipped with some of the most powerful GPUs.

With Furioos, it’s easy to stream 3D applications on almost any device. Furioos is compatible with any device capable of receiving a video stream, such as a smartphone web browser.

  • Furioos scales to adapt to the number of visits in real-time and from anywhere in the world.
  • As a platform, Furioos lets you stream any Windows application by simply dragging and dropping a ZIP file.
  • It can be used to insert any application onto any website - just like a YouTube video.

“We’re a small team with big goals,” says Christophe Robert, Obvioos Co-Founder and President. “By joining one of the leading 3D development platforms, we can better scale our video streaming services while closely aligning our technology with Unity. We’re extremely excited about what’s to come.”

What’s next?

The applications for Furioos are extensive. The technology already has been deployed by customers across the architecture, construction, industrial product design, real estate, and marketing and advertising industries. The company, Obvioos, will continue to operate its 3D engine agnostic services now with the support and backing of Unity. We encourage everyone to learn more about them!

Learn more about Furioos and if you have any questions or want to connect, please contact Christophe Robert.

November 1, 2019 in News | 2 min. read
Topics covered