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Thank you for joining us on Unite Now – we’ll see you in 2021

December 11, 2020 in News | 2 min. read

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This year, we launched Unite Now, our content hub for sessions, demos, and shows to entertain, educate, and inspire. We’ve wrapped up content for 2020, but we’ll be back with even more in 2021.

In this year of virtual experiences and digital content, Back in April, we launched Unite Now, first as a free series of online sessions intended to entertain, educate, and inspire, and then we brought it back as an always-on, always-available service.

We’ve wrapped up our Unite Now content for the year, but we’ll be back in 2021 with more sessions, and more episodes from your favorite shows like Open Projects, Creator Spotlight, Indie XP, and more! If you have any feedback for us on how we can improve Unite Now next year, or what you’d like to see more of, you can fill out our survey.


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In the meantime, we’ve put together a round-up of some of our top sessions.

Implementing a Fighter Cinematic | Prototype Series

In the second episode of our Prototype Series, we provide an overview of how we created the cinematic for a special attack, quite similar to what’s used in some popular fighting games.

Open Projects: The Journey - Episode 1

Open Projects is a new initiative where Unity and the developer community come together to create small games. In this live session, we introduce the concept, talk about the game repository, the roadmap, and how you can participate. Then we’ll get started on the project.

Build Your Own LEGO® Microgame

Learn how to develop your own game using our new LEGO® Microgame. We walk through the basic steps of setting up the Unity Editor and then making and playing your custom version. Finally, we show you how to share the game with family and friends.

Humankind Tech Talk: How to Achieve High Frame Rates and Low Build Times

Humankind is a grand strategy game that lets players rewrite human history – but how does the studio keep things running fast while managing the assets required to build an entire empire? In this talk, Tim Raulin explains how Unity’s extensibility allowed Amplitude/SEGA to manage over 100,000 game assets while keeping build times down and frame rates high.

Lighting up Your Game Graphics

With Unity, you can achieve realistic light for a wide range of art styles while keeping your game optimized for performance. In this session, learn about some useful tools and features as you get started with the Universal Render Pipeline. We share practical examples from the Boat Attack demo, created by the Unity R&D team and available for download.


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December 11, 2020 in News | 2 min. read

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