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Sharing your feedback with Unity

January 11, 2022 in News | 6 min. read
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Let’s simplify where you go to give feedback on Unity.

At Unity, we center our product development on user feedback and have created a variety of mechanisms for users to give us their feedback. 

We want to outline three different types of feedback that have discrete channels for each: 

  • General community conversations where users openly discuss Unity related topics and help each other - Head to the Forums!
  • Explore the product teams’ plans and engage directly with them to share your feedback, feature requests and ideas on Unity Product Roadmaps
  • Research studies to help us better understand the user experience and gather feedback on potential products - Unity Pulse

In this post, we will outline those three offerings and identify when and why you would use each channel:

Unity Pulse

Want to participate in research studies and give solicited feedback? Unity Pulse is the place for you. 

What is Unity Pulse?

Unity Pulse is our online feedback community where you have the opportunity to connect directly with Unity product teams, gain access to product concepts before they reach the public, or give feedback on Beta products to help us make the best products and Unity experiences for you.  

What should I use it for?

This is a community you can join to give solicited feedback. What does that mean? We will be asking you specific questions on specific topics and asking for feedback. Unity Pulse allows you to provide feedback through research activities that relate to your background and experience including products you use and projects you work on. This will not be a place where you can leave comments on unsolicited topics and you cannot start new conversations with the community on your own. 

The activities you will be invited to participate in will directly drive new product innovations and help our product teams better understand our users. 

What you can expect by joining this platform:

  • Shape the future of Unity with us
  • Invitations to provide feedback based on how you use Unity
  • Engage with us to give feedback on early features and prototypes
  • Connect in closed groups with Unity product teams
  • Polls, surveys, discussion, and ideas sharing boards, virtual roundtables and more 
  • Get points for participating in certain activities and redeem points for rewards 

What Unity Pulse is not for:

  • Connecting with other Unity users or the community
  • Sharing unsolicited feedback 
  • Product news or updates
  • Connecting with Unity staff without feedback invitations
  • Reporting bugs 
  • Finding educational or support materials

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What are the Unity Forums?

The Unity Forums are Unity’s largest community platform where users can engage in asynchronous discussions with other users and Unity team members, post questions, find answers, and share product feedback. It is a vast source of information on Unity-related topics and accessible to all Unity users. 

The forums are divided into a range of sub-forums and spaces to account for the complexity of the Unity ecosystem. Among product specific categories such as the Multiplayer or Graphics forums, there are also spaces for you to show your work in progress, find contributors for a project and many more.

How can I provide feedback via the Forums?

The forums provide you with opportunities to publicly share and discuss both solicited and unsolicited feedback. Many teams and individuals at Unity follow conversations and actively engage on the forums or even start discussion threads themselves in order to gather user feedback. Please note, however, that the forums are first and foremost a community space and as such, engagement is primarily community driven. This means that answers or reactions to your posts are not guaranteed.

You can share your feedback by contributing to active discussions or by starting new ones. To find related active discussions, you can either browse through sub-forums that are suitable to discuss the subject matter or use the forum’s search function. Active official feedback threads are often pinned to the top of their respective sub-forums so it is worth having a look there first. 

If you want to start a new discussion, navigate to an appropriate sub-forum and create a new thread. Make sure to add the Feedback-prefix to the title of your thread to mark it as feedback and keep the Community Code of Conduct in mind when you compile your message.

What you can expect from the Unity Forums:

  • Engage in asynchronous discussions with other users and Unity team members about Unity related topics
  • Post questions, find answers and share knowledge 
  • Connect with the community

What the Unity Forums are not for:

  • The forums are primarily a community space and as such answers or reactions to your posts are not guaranteed
  • Abusive behavior and other infractions of the Community Code of Conduct are not tolerated

Product Roadmap

The feedback our community provides is priceless. By publishing our roadmaps, we want to give you the opportunity to react and engage directly with the various teams building and evolving Unity products. 

What is the Product Roadmap?

On the Unity Product Roadmap, you can explore current plans for how we aim to evolve our products, and send your feedback directly to the Product teams responsible for developing them. The Product Roadmap currently includes our development plans for:

  • Unity Platform 
  • Unity Forma 
  • Unity Reflect
  • Unity Hub 
  • Unity DevOps

More products will be added to the roadmap as our portfolio of products evolves and grows over time. 

What you can expect from the Unity Product Roadmap:

  • Find information about new product features currently in development
  • Opportunity to share feedback on specific features currently in development
  • Make your voice heard by suggesting ideas for new features you’d like to see added to our products
  • Send your feedback and ideas directly to the Product Managers responsible for each product area
  • Contribute to shaping the future direction of our products

What Unity Product Roadmap is not for:

  • Connecting and engaging in discussions with other Unity users
  • Reporting bugs 
  • Finding educational or support materials

How can I provide feedback via the Product Roadmap?

As you browse through the various sections of the Product Roadmap, you may come across a feature that you want to share your feedback on.

Simply click on a card to expand it, and indicate how important that feature is to you by ranking it as Nice-to-have, Important or Critical. You can then elaborate on why you need the feature and provide your email address - any additional information you provide will help us improve our products in the future.

What happens when I’ve submitted my feedback?

The Product Manager responsible for the product you’ve provided feedback on will review your submission, and ensure that it’s been captured correctly. Your feedback will contribute directly to how we evolve our products. In some cases, the Product Manager may reach out to you to ask for further details about your feedback.

How can I suggest an idea for a new feature?

In every section of the Product Roadmap, you’ll find a card titled “Submit a new idea!”. We’d love to hear your ideas for new features to add to our products. Simply fill out the card, hit submit, and our Product Management team will receive your idea directly.

We can’t wait to hear your input on how to evolve our products!

If the above communities aren’t what you are looking for, see below for a few alternative options.

Have a bug you need to report? Check out our webpage with instructions on how to report bugs here.

Looking for professional services? Our Unity experts can consult with you to take your projects to the next level! Check out our resources here.

Need 1-on-1 live support? Visit Unity’s Live Help site to connect with Unity experts for 1-on-1 support on your projects here. For all other support needs please visit us as


January 11, 2022 in News | 6 min. read

Is this article helpful for you?

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