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Pixyz Software joins Unity

June 22, 2021 in News | 7 min. read

Unity has acquired Pixyz Software, the best-in-class provider of 3D data preparation and optimization software. With Pixyz’s portfolio of products, professional creators across industries can more easily and quickly import 3D data into Unity and optimize any model for real-time 3D development. 

For years, teams across industries have used Unity to enhance how they bring products from vision to reality. From automotive to construction and beyond, the world is embracing the use of real-time 3D to accelerate design collaboration, develop immersive training environments, create interactive marketing experiences, and more. 

The manufacturing of cars, appliances, buildings, and many industrial products requires the use of massively complex data, and the process of preparing or importing this design and engineering data for real-time development can be incredibly challenging. 

That’s why Unity and Pixyz Software partnered in 2018 to provide enterprises and individual professionals alike with best-in-class solutions to easily import and optimize 3D data, including computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies, meshes and point clouds, for creating real-time experiences in Unity.

Pixyz’s portfolio of products (Pixyz Plugin, Pixyz Studio, Pixyz Scenario Processor, and more) are widely regarded as best-in-class, and trusted by market leaders across industries. Pixyz supports more than 35 3D file formats, including formats from popular 3D software tools like Autodesk Alias, AutoCAD, Inventor and VRED; CATIA and SOLIDWORKS; Creo; and Siemens NX.

Today, Unity has taken this partnership to the next level by announcing the acquisition of Pixyz Software. The company’s products, data transformation technology, and level of detail (LOD) capabilities are now part of the Unity family.

What does this mean for customers?

The key takeaway for existing and potential customers in the industrial sector is that Pixyz world-class data prep and import tools will officially become part of Unity’s product ecosystem. For existing and potential customers in gaming, Pixyz allows Unity to build an LOD solution with a full suite of workflows integrated into Unity for easy management of asset generation and run-time integration. 

Pixyz products will continue to require separate subscriptions, for which pricing will remain the same, and customers can continue to purchase through Pixyz and Unity sales representatives and websites. While users need a subscription to access Pixyz’s products today, Unity now has greater opportunities to use Pixyz’s technology to benefit all Unity users in the future. 

In the mid to long term, Unity plans to work with the talented team at Pixyz to deliver solutions that address the specific needs of more customers. Expect to see workflows that are integrated into the Editor and with other Unity data platforms to meet the unique needs of both gaming and industrial customers, as well as new ways of accessing Pixyz for high volume automated processing. 

Learn more about Unity and Pixyz here.

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June 22, 2021 in News | 7 min. read