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New Unity Educator plan provides free tools to teach Unity and empower your students

April 19, 2021 in News | 3 min. read
Unity Educator Plan
Unity Educator Plan
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Prepare your students for in-demand careers by teaching them how to use industry-standard tools and workflows to effectively contribute to a cross-disciplinary team.

Educators have faced many challenges this past year. At Unity, we’re committed to supporting educators like you with the right tools and resources to help you and your students thrive. This is why we’re excited to share our newest educator package filled with invaluable resources to support your work.

Accelerate teaching and learning

After listening to feedback from Unity educators, we’re expanding educator access to free Unity tools and services with the introduction of the Unity Educator plan. This plan is designed for educators teaching grades 8-12 or at a post-secondary accredited academic institution.

Unity Educator Plan

The Unity Educator plan provides you with free access to the professional tools you’ve told us you need to support your students, including Unity Pro, cloud-based collaboration, cloud build, free assets, and much more. 

These tools will help you teach your students on the same real-time 3D development platform and workflows used by professionals to create immersive experiences across industries and better prepare your students for future careers. In addition, these tools facilitate the review and grading of projects, help students troubleshoot, and allow you to create teachable moments faster with real-time data on crashes and exceptions.

Get the Unity Educator plan today to accelerate your teaching.

Get the Unity Educator plan

Get live support teaching Unity

Get tips and tricks from Unity experts and stay informed about the rapidly evolving field of real-time 3D interactive development with the latest Educators Live learning series. This monthly series is designed for K-12 and post-secondary educators of all Unity levels and focuses on a variety of topics, including how to teach Unity across subject areas, helpful pedagogical approaches, and educator spotlights. You’ll also hear from guest speakers in the industry and in the field of education and have the chance to ask questions.

Unity Educators Live

Educators Live kicks off on Thursday, April 29 at 5 p.m. PT with a focus on “Connecting the Classroom to Industry” and will dive into how educators can get students ready for careers in real-time 3D interactive development. Specifically, this session will explore how educators can:

  • Partner with companies across industries to provide students with opportunities to create solutions for real-world problems using RT3D technology and workflows.
  • Experience how professionals use RT3D to develop products and designs, tell stories, and engage consumers. 
  • Learn strategies for developing industry partnerships across all educational levels.
  • Access best practices for planning real-world student projects. 

Register for Educators Live today to join this session and learn about upcoming sessions in this monthly series. 

Register now


We’re excited to continue supporting educators like you. 

Remember to get the Unity Educator plan today to accelerate your teaching and register for Educators Live.

April 19, 2021 in News | 3 min. read
Topics covered
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