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New Unity products and prices launching soon

May 31, 2016 in News | 4 min. read

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New Unity products and prices launching soon.

At Unite Europe, we announced new products that will launch soon. If you are an existing customer we will be inviting you to transition over to the new products with personalized offers.

Update: We've made some changes to the new products and prices based on the feedback we received. Please see this blog post for the updates!

Why are we introducing these new subscription products?

It’s harder to be successful today. Market is larger, consumers are spending their time in different ways. Mobile is in the ascendancy, console and PC need bold creativity and VR/AR is in a pioneer moment. Against this, Unity isn’t as accessible as it could be - a core product with add ons for a larger up front price and upgrade fees every 2 or so years didn’t seem to be cutting it.

So, we wanted to simplify. We wanted to give more value. With our three new products we're confident we have increased the ability for you to reach the largest audience, provided increased no worry access to the latest tech and made Unity more affordable.

With our new products you benefit from:

  • All platforms. No iOS or Android Pro add ons, everything’s now included
  • All updates more regularly, with no extra costs
  • New features and tools - from performance reporting to new Analytics realtime and raw data to Asset Store project packs and more

What are the new products and prices?

Unity Personal

Personal stays as it is. Free and fully featured. It’s democratization of development at it’s best. Revenue or funding cap of $100k per year.

Unity Plus - $35/month for a 12 month plan. 

An all-new version of Unity, designed for individuals and teams who want even more useful and effective tools that will help them release commercial games and interactive experiences. Plus comes with an annual revenue cap of $200k per year, and an optional splash screen just like in Unity Pro.

Unity Pro - $125/month with one year commitment, no revenue cap.

The new and improved version of Unity Pro for professional individuals and teams who need complete flexibility for creating commercial games and interactive content.

Unity Enterprise

For large organizations wanting source code and enterprise support. Unity Enterprise is purchased through a Unity representative, pricing upon request. 

Pay to own option

Updated: If you subscribe to the new Unity Pro for a minimum of 24 consecutive months, you get to keep the version you have if you notify us that you are stopping your subscription, and choosing pay to own. At that point, you will stop receiving access to Pro tier services, new features and upgrades. You will receive the next 3 patches. We reserve the right to grant access to additional patches in the event that we find severe bugs. If you later resume subscribing, you will still own the perpetual license you elected but again start receiving updates, fixes and services. Once you have subscribed for another 24 consecutive months, and should you then elect to cease this new subscription, you will then be granted a new perpetual license of the then current version of Unity.

The below image has NOT been updated based on the recent changes we made to the new products and prices. See this blogpost for all updates.

A sneak peek of the feature split from the upcoming Unity Store.
A sneak peek of the feature split from the upcoming Unity Store.

What do the new products mean for you?

We’ll contact existing customers with more information about upgrading to the new subscription. To make this process go smoothly, we’ll stagger the communication to groups of customers over the following months. See the customer migration roadmap to find out when you can switch to the new subscription.

Subscribers can stay on their current subscriptions until June, 2018. Customers with perpetual licenses can continue on their current licenses for as long as they like, but we will stop supporting Unity 5 perpetual licenses with new features and updates by March 3, 2017.

For more information:

Watch the full Unite Europe Amsterdam keynote.  

Read the New Unity Subscription FAQ.

Talk to us about the new licensing on the forum.

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May 31, 2016 in News | 4 min. read

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