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How Louisiana is training real-time 3D educators with help from Unity

August 29, 2023 in News | 7 min. read
Male student wearing headphones conference video calling, watching webinar, online training class, virtual chat meeting with remote teacher or coach distance learning using computer, taking notes. (credit: insta_photos -
Male student wearing headphones conference video calling, watching webinar, online training class, virtual chat meeting with remote teacher or coach distance learning using computer, taking notes. (credit: insta_photos -

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Real-time 3D (RT3D) skills are in growing demand, which means qualified educators are, too.

As RT3D uptake accelerates and use cases continue to expand, so do opportunities for workers to embark on rewarding careers in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, game development, film, and many other fields that are increasingly making this technology a key part of how they operate.

In fact, the demand for RT3D-trained professionals is growing so quickly that governments and workforce development organizations are devising novel solutions to bridge the skills gap – and we’re helping them do it.

Last spring, Unity teamed up with Louisiana Economic Development (LED) on a new initiative aimed at boosting the availability and quality of RT3D education across the state. This blog post details how this exciting partnership came together and how educators are receiving the training they need to prepare students for success in tomorrow’s economy. Keep reading to learn more.

Program overview

The partnership between Unity and LED addresses the need to prepare Louisiana’s workforce for in-demand tech roles that increasingly require RT3D skills. As the world’s leading platform for creating and operating RT3D content, Unity is well positioned to help higher-education institutions in the state train and certify instructors who can pass their knowledge on to students. In doing so, learners will be set up for careers that have excellent long-term prospects and will foster economic growth across Louisiana.

The five-year project, now entering its second year, is supported by a $1.95 million grant from LED. This funding allows for the creation of a self-sustaining, local ecosystem of certified instructors who can share their expertise with learners at their respective institutions. In addition to obtaining their own Unity certifications, these educators also have access to a wealth of educational support resources, including training plans and content for classroom instruction.

“The required training and skill set individuals need to participate in the rapidly changing tech economy is constant, and at an all-time high. We are excited about this new workforce development and training opportunity through LED and Unity. Our ability to ensure faculty are equipped with the knowledge to properly train students in this space is critical to student success and the state’s success long-term.” – Monty Sullivan, President of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Participation in numbers

Under the terms of the partnership, Unity will train up to 15 instructors in Louisiana per year, and each of those instructors will then train and/or certify up to 40 students per year. The program is expected to reach an estimated 6,000 Louisianians in total over its five-year mandate. All Louisiana two- and four-year colleges, high schools, and training providers are eligible to participate.

Training the trainers

Educators need a comprehensive understanding of real-time 3D technology and Unity development to be able to teach with confidence. Because each educator has a unique background and pre-existing set of skills, the program focuses on bringing instructors in Louisiana up to speed by providing each with a solid foundation, regardless of their initial skill level.

Getting Unity certified

Unity offers four levels of industry-recognized Certifications for individuals looking to build up their skills, enter the job market, and teach. The partnership between Unity and LED focuses on two levels – Associate and Professional – and is helping educators across the state obtain these Certifications through tailored training and hands-on practice.

The trainees are being led by Unity Certified Instructors (UCIs) – leaders who demonstrate expertise in Unity as well as exceptional training skills. Leveraging support resources provided by Unity Education, a team of UCIs is spearheading the effort to get future Unity educators ready for certification.

For future educators, the benefits of obtaining Unity Certification include:

  • Access to extensive learning materials designed by subject matter experts and testing-design specialists.
  • The ability to demonstrate technical skills and applied knowledge to students and employers in higher education and many other fields.
  • Options for highlighting their achievements on resumes, portfolios, and social media, helping recruiters and hiring managers find them.

Integrating Unity in the classroom

Once educators in the program have obtained their Unity Certifications, the next step is helping them build Unity into their curricula and begin teaching. The partnership with LED offers comprehensive support to instructors, equipping them with the necessary resources and guidance to create engaging learning experiences. This includes highly scaffolded pathways, projects, and assessments, as well as frameworks for customization and exploration of new tools and domains like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

“One obvious benefit is that I’m getting free Certification vouchers. That’s really nice. I got the Associate Certification and it’s given me that level of backing, which is really beneficial because I’m able to show students that I have the badge, and communicate to them that certification is important and that they should pursue it. Additionally, we were taught how Unity trains trainers and breaks down lesson plans, which helped me plan my own lessons and steps so I can teach my students effectively.” – Claude Richard, Instructor at Delgado Community College

Looking ahead

The partnership between Unity and LED exemplifies how public-private collaboration can have tangible impacts on the health and long-term viability of a regional economy.

At the individual level, it ensures that educators are teaching relevant, up-to-date skills, which bolsters their institutions’ reputations and guarantees that students graduate ready for the job market. And, at the macro level, the partnership offers a reliable strategy for preparing Louisiana’s workforce for the economic and technological shifts that are making RT3D skills increasingly essential.

We look forward to providing future updates about the impacts of this partnership as it progresses toward completion in 2027.

If you’re interested in establishing a similar program in your state or region, get in touch with us. We’re always looking for opportunities to expand RT3D education and support forward-thinking workforce development initiatives.

August 29, 2023 in News | 7 min. read

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