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Growing Weta Digital’s presence in New Zealand

November 18, 2021 in News | 2 min. read
Mortal Engines movie screenshot
Mortal Engines movie screenshot

It’s been a little over a week since we announced our intent to acquire Weta Digital’s artist tools, core pipeline, intellectual property and of course the award-winning engineering talent. Everytime I have the opportunity to meet another of the exceptional 275 engineers that will form Weta Digital at Unity, I am even more eager to get started.

I’m also thrilled that we get to add New Zealand to the list of countries where Unity operates. One beauty of Unity is that we are 5000 people in 50 offices around the world. While our corporate headquarters is in San Francisco, we pride ourselves on being a global organization that is vibrant in all of our locations from Montreal, to Copenhagen, to Beijing, to Seoul, to Tokyo, to Austin, and now Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington has become one of THE places for movie creation in the world and also an incredibly cool and vibrant startup hub. As soon as the news broke internally, I had tons of Unity employees asking me if they could transfer to our new New Zealand based operations! New Zealand’s energy and the depth of talent makes me excited about not only welcoming the current team but also to grow Unity’s presence there beyond the current starting team of 275.

Artists around the world are beyond excited that the incredibly sophisticated tools that have been previously locked inside Weta will, in time, be available to a broader group of creators through the cloud. We’re also lucky to continue working with the artists at Weta FX and further improve these incredible tools. Weta FX’s CEO Prem Akkaraju said it best…“We’re Jimi Hendrix, and now we’re selling guitars. We think this world has many, many more Jimi Hendrixes."

By welcoming the Weta Digital team to Unity, we cannot only empower more storytellers but we can give them access to the power of real-time 3D. We see the use of 3D growing exponentially, and not just in gaming or in film and TV, but across all industries like advertising, architecture, online retail and more. Weta Digital’s tools are the diamonds of all diamonds and the talent behind them have built extraordinary capabilities for creating in 3D.

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November 18, 2021 in News | 2 min. read
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