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From headsets to real-world physics: Get the most out of Unity Verified Solutions Partners

May 25, 2021 in News | 10 min. read
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Vetted and endorsed by Unity, Verified Solutions Partners (VSPs) for industry offer solutions to streamline your workflows and boost your capabilities. Discover how our latest VSPs can amp up your immersive experiences.

Real-time 3D technology is changing how products are designed, engineered, manufactured, sold and serviced across industries like aerospace, architecture, automotive, government, manufacturing, retail, transportation, entertainment, and beyond. 

Unity’s network of Verified Solutions Partners (VSPs) is growing rapidly to meet evolving needs and include tools to help with every stage of the production and building lifecycle – from design, modeling, and prototyping to sales and marketing and training and maintenance.  

Our VSPs afford Unity developers the opportunity to confidently extend their industrial applications with immersive training solutions, real-world physics simulation, ultrahigh-fidelity rendering, specialized headsets, or the power of digital twins. 

Many of the latest VSPs for industry focus on amplifying the immersiveness of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences to foster emotional engagement with users. Stronger visualization means decision-makers are better informed, designers iterate faster, learners retain more content, potential customers are more likely to convert, and so on. 

This ecosystem of trusted products ensures you have everything you need to successfully create and manage your projects, no matter your industry.

Verified solutions to support your development

We want to minimize your downtime. Verified Solutions Partners represent a collection of best-in-class third-party SDKs, plug-ins, editor applications, and more that integrate with the Unity platform. By using verified products, you know that they are technically aligned with your project. 

Partners accepted into the program undergo a verification process to ensure their SDK or software is optimized for the latest version of Unity. The testing is conducted on an ongoing basis, so developers can always be sure these solutions will work with the latest version of Unity. Unity VSPs who have passed our testing and verification process will receive a Verification badge to acknowledge their technical compliance.

We’ve recently partnered with additional companies, enabling you to innovate while you rest assured that the technology is robust and compliant. Read on to find out more about how these partnerships can help your forge ahead with your projects.

To learn more about the program, visit our website.

Man wearing VR headset with airplane in background

Stronger training programs with Pacelab WEAVR

Studies show that learners in virtual environments have better focus and more readily form an emotional connection to the content, so training is more efficient and more effective. They’re also more confident in applying the skills they learned after training.

Pacelab WEAVR lets you create personalized and engaging immersive training programs to better equip your team – whether you’re training pilots or sharing new maintenance protocols. It is easy to use, highly configurable, and scalable to the enterprise level. Build once and deploy across regions, systems, and devices. 

The company has a particular focus on aerospace and aviation industries, offering extended reality solutions for large industrial applications. Learn more about building training and guidance programs with Pacelab WEAVR.

Varjo headsets for human-eye resolution

Hardware still matters. The Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 headsets set a new industry standard for visual fidelity, featuring resolution of over 70 PPD, rivalling that of the human eye. The headsets also boast a 115º field of view, for natural immersive experiences.

This visual acuity heightens emotional immersion and the feel of real life, resulting in better user performance. From research and design visualization, to training and simulation, to product marketing, Varjo is transforming workflows by unlocking new professional applications across augmented, virtual and mixed reality environments. 

Varjo is being used across industries, from set design for opera, to automotive manufacturing, to astronaut training. Check out some more benefits of Varjo and request a demo.

How AGX Dynamics works

Simulate real-world physics with Algoryx

Complex mechanical systems in motion need physics. With AGX Dynamics for Unity you get  fast and reliable physics simulations that are true to the real world, for virtual prototyping, training simulators, and digital twins. 

You can model wires, cables, and vehicles together with terrain and then create, edit and analyze your simulation all within Unity. You can bring your CAD models directly into Unity, and experience and interact with your simulation model in real-time. 

AGX Dynamics has myriad applications across your lifecycle. It can model robots, heavy vehicles and machinery, cranes, and other complex mechanical systems found in manufacturing and transportation, for instance. Use it with Unity Machine Learning Agents to significantly decrease simulation time for parameter searches and AI or ML training. Or use it to provide sales and marketing personnel with live interactive simulations. 

Learn how Algoryx combines industry-grade multibody simulations with state-of-the-art visualization.

Have multi-display? Need MiddleVR cluster rendering

Are you grappling with complex graphics systems that require multiple displays, multiple graphics cards and multiple computers? Used widely across architecture, manufacturing, training, and media and entertainment industries, MiddleVR supports any type of complex multi-display graphics systems, offering a complete toolbox to simplify development, debugging, and setup. 

MiddleVR is a plug-in that allows Unity to work seamlessly with immersive environments such as cave automatic virtual environments (CAVEs) and powerwalls, including curved screens requiring dynamic warping and blending. MiddleVR is also compatible with virtual stages for virtual production.

Conduct immersive design reviews for your architecture or automotive projects, offer experiential training across industries, or thrill audiences with dome projections and other spectacles for live or virtual events. Find out more about MiddleVR for your interactive and immersive VR applications.

Fovotec expands your field of view

Want to enhance realism, minimize distortion, and show more space? Fovotec’s FovoRender rendering technology offers an ultrawide field of view for 3D visualization professionals across industries. You get six times the amount of spatial volume in a 3D render in the same screen space, compared with a 2D image.

Architectural projects benefit by displaying more space with greater realism, accelerating the design process with better, more informed decision-making. FovoRender also enhances virtual tours of a development. In the automotive industry more realistic visualization improves the design process as well as the shopping experience for online customers. Across product visualisation and retail, customers – and businesses – benefit from the realistic expectations shaped by true-to-life images.

Explore how you can use FovoRender to fine-tune 3D representations of any product or 3D space.

Leia make screens come alive

Leia make screens come alive

Give your content depth. The Leia plug-in for Unity lets you create 3D content leveraging 3D Lightfield technology for the Lume Pad to bring more emotion and energy to your screen-based experiences. And you can quickly and easily convert your existing Unity-based applications for Lume Pad.

From gaming and entertainment to automotive, AEC and more, Leia offers rich, immersive visualization with enhanced depth, texture, and light. There’s no need for specialized eyewear.

Lume Pad is being used in various training environments to help improve engagement, boost retention and promote positive feelings about the learned material. In the retail industry, Lume Pad brings customers closer to the product through enhanced details, and storytelling for maximum conversion. Lume Pad for hospitality easily integrates with popular guest room management systems to increase guest engagement.

Find out more about Leia and see how you can use it with Unity Forma for captivating 3D marketing experiences.

Our ecosystem extends your possibilities

All of the above VSPs offer solutions to extend the Unity platform for applications across industries. They all work with Unity 2019.4 Long-Term Support (LTS) and other major Unity releases. 

We invite you to find out more about these solutions and explore our other Verified Solutions Partners. Our network of verified third-party SDKs, plug-ins and more has everything you need to develop stellar industrial applications.

May 25, 2021 in News | 10 min. read

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