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Codice Software joins Unity Technologies to bring version control to real-time 3D workflows

August 17, 2020 in News | 3 min. read
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Today, interactive content creation has never been more achievable, but also never more complex. Fast release cycles, large file sizes, and distributed teams all working together challenge even the most well-coordinated teams. Users need a platform that is flexible, agile and quick to ensure version control updates on a project that spans multiple roles.

To ensure you get the solution you need, Unity has acquired Codice Software - the company behind Plastic SCM, a flagship Version Control Solution (VCS). Plastic SCM can handle the largest repositories, massive binary files, and thousands of concurrent users all while supporting distributed and centralized repositories with powerful merging options. It also has the most advanced automated branching capabilities out there, rounding off an impressive feature set designed from the ground up for working in all real-time content creation workflows, whether in the cloud or on-premise. Just last week, we recommitted to ensuring that everything coming out of Unity is production-ready, stable and provides a higher quality of life for all users. We take this pledge seriously and will see it filtered through all of Unity’s operational tools and services, including Plastic SCM, moving forward.

Plastic SCM + real-time 3D

Plastic SCM provides a unique combination of flexibility, agility, and speed. A world class tool for teams and projects of all sizes who desire a rich feature set with deeper control and a flexible architecture, Plastic SCM is the bridge between developers and artists to work more effectively together. 

It gives each the best of both worlds: scale for complex, code-heavy loads, with a different workflow and UI for all user types, including empowering GUI options for artists. It also works with Unity Cloud Build, allowing you to iterate and share builds quickly and easily.

Plastic SCM is already used across a variety of industries - gaming, automotive and manufacturing, retail and consumer electronics - because it is the ideal solution for all audience types and will continue to evolve to support more industries in the future. To date, companies such as Unknown Worlds, Facepunch, Dreamscape Immersive, Aptiv, Medtronics and Nike rely on Plastic SCM for their version control needs.

Choose your preferred VCS

And don’t worry - we will continue to support Unity’s Collaborate. Plastic SCM users not using Unity will continue to see the product evolving. Plastic SCM and Collaborate are both team-focused tools used to streamline workflows, so we want to be clear about our intentions for each.

We built Collaborate to give users the ability to share projects amongst small teams who want an easy way to sync their projects without navigating the complexity of version control. We brought Plastic SCM into the fold for larger teams looking to cooperate on more complex projects and need VCS features like branching, locking, merging and a standalone GUI. With Plastic, you now have access to the market-leading solution.

We also believe that it’s important for creators to have the flexibility to pick the tools that fit their development needs and team when using Unity. That is why we are committed to making sure that Plastic, Collaborate and other third party version control services continue to receive support so you can use the best tool to fit your needs.

Getting started

Plastic SCM will still be available to all, no matter what technology you’re using to build your project and we will continue to innovate on the product and evolve it over time. We’re also introducing a new free tier allowing users to get started with Plastic SCM, whether you’re a Unity user or not. For full pricing details, see here.

Find out more about Plastic SCM and get started for free with up to 3 users. If you are a Collaborate user and wish to migrate your projects to the Plastic SCM service, you can do so with the migration tool. Check out the Unity Plastic SCM plugin here.

August 17, 2020 in News | 3 min. read
Topics covered