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Dragon Crashers red dragon spitting fire!
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The background is dark blue and on top of it are light blue rectangle shapes. Some are filled in, some aren't some are one their side.
테크놀로지 | 6 분 소요
ML-Agents v2.0 release hero image
테크놀로지 | 15 분 소요
Image of rocky landscape by the water created in Unity.
테크놀로지 | 7 분 소요
A collage of images the FPS microgame, the Lego microgame and the karting microgame with yellow separating them
테크놀로지 | 4 분 소요
An animated pond with lily pads, rocks surrounding an in it and tall grass dotted around. One one side their are little wooden Japanese-style houses and pink cherry blossom trees. On the other there is a wooden Japanese-style tower. This animated scene has been created in AR and is being displayed on the ground and part of the wall of a room with light wooden floors and white walls.
테크놀로지 | 8 분 소요
Books in library
테크놀로지 | 7 분 소요