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The Made with Unity Tell Your Story Contest

2016年6月15日 カテゴリ: コミュニティ | 5 分 で読めます

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We’ve seen some amazing stories since the launch of madewith.unity.com and learned about some amazing upcoming projects that may have otherwise not been on our radar. We’re happy to say we’ve reached over 250 developer stories on the site to date! We’re celebrating this milestone by rewarding the next 10 awesome stories with a ticket to Unite 16 in Los Angeles ($475 value). Read on below to learn how you could be one of the potential winners!


  • We're running a contest that spans over a 3 week period starting June 15 through July 6 in search of the next 10 great developer stories. Winners are announced on July 14.
  • 10 developers will receive one free ticket to Unite 16
  • All stories published within the contest period are automatically entered
  • Your chances for winning are increased when your story is shared across Facebook and Twitter
  • Final judgement is based on presentation and quality of writing. Winners are announced the week after the contest ends.


There’s way more than ten great stories on the site, but these are the ones that stood out, taught us something we otherwise would never have known about their game, provided lessons for Unity developers to follow, or displayed some awesome behind the scenes perspective. Coincidentally, they also applied our general guidelines in some shape or form. Here’s a list of our ten favorites (in order of published date).


In celebration of how far we’ve come in such a short period of time we want to award the next ten great stories published on madewith.unity.com. Starting Wednesday, June 15 through July 6, we’re looking for 10 new awesome stories and reward the authors with a free pass to Unite 16 which includes access to our many developer sessions, annual Unite Awards ceremony, MWU Showcase, and more!

If you’ve written and published a story that week (and you follow the rules outlined below), you’re automatically entered. Prizes are limited to one Unite pass per development team (or solo indie if you’re doing all the work yourself). However, you MAY use a recent blog post from your personal devblog so long as it meets the below requirements. If you’re working on something amazing please share it!

We’ll announce the ten winners on Thursday, July 14 on madewith.unity.com, MWU social channels, and directly to winners via email.


  • Must have an approved MWU Game Profile and the game must be either in some form of release or active development (e.g. early access, alpha, beta, final release).
  • Story must be related to a game made with Unity by you or your team
  • Story must be written in English
  • Story must be published within the contest period (Wednesday, June 15 00:01 PDT through Wednesday, July 6 23:59 PDT)
  • Criteria for selection is weighted by how much the story was shared, number of unique views, and editorial review (share as much as possible!)
  • Editorial review is based on the following:
    • Articulate and well written
    • Incorporates images and media
    • Tells us something about your game and/or its development (check out our guidelines for some inspiration)
  • You MAY use content you previously written on another blog so long as it meets the above requirements
  • Ten winners will be notified at 15:00 PDT on Thursday, July 14
  • Winners are notified via email and announced on MWU social channels, email, and madewith.unity.com
  • An individual or team may not win more than once (i.e. if you submit 40 awesome stories, only one is eligable to win one pass)
  • For full terms and conditions of the contest, please go here


If you’ve already signed up at madewith.unity.com and created an approved Developer Profile, all you need to do is log in, create a new story, and publish, and promote your story to your social network.

For those of you who haven’t created a game profile yet, it’s available to all developers who have a game or games they’re developing with Unity. Head to http://madewith.unity.com/tell-your-story and assign it to a Unity ID. After you’ve created a Developer Profile, we’ll approve it pending a short review process to verify you’re a real person and working on a real project. From there you’re able to create new Game Profiles for the site and start writing your story.

We encourage everyone to use it as a development blog and share what you’re working on with the rest of the community. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out one of the many staff picks and refer to our ten current favorites!

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Our goal on the Made with Unity team is to create new discovery opportunities for our developer community and help them find new audiences. Discovery is an ambitious problem to solve and we’re dedicated to find new ways to support you.

We consider madewith.unity.com as the beginnings of a content hub for our community that allows us to learn and expand new areas for promotion. We’ve already learned about some new amazing games that may have otherwise not been on our radar or known it was made with Unity. We’ve also shared information with platform partners and sponsors and plan to use it as the basis of participation in our Unite Showcases and other industry events.

You’ve given us a lot of great feedback and we’ll start to roll out updates later this summer so we can make it a better experience for you.

We can’t wait to see the great things you’re working on!

The Made with Unity Team

2016年6月15日 カテゴリ: コミュニティ | 5 分 で読めます

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