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The road to the metaverse is paved with real-time 3D

April 6, 2022 in Industry | 7 min. read
Colorful spirals in blue, pink, and purple
Colorful spirals in blue, pink, and purple

When it comes to embracing what’s next in technology, we have the insight and tools you need to forge the path ahead. Let us guide you on this journey in our new series of sessions and workshops: Road to the Metaverse.

As businesses across industries such as automotive, construction, manufacturing, retail and beyond seek their next competitive advantage, many are embracing immersive, interactive 3D experiences. In our latest series, Road to the Metaverse, you’ll learn about real-time 3D technology, why it’s the foundation of the metaverse, and how you can be a part of it. Everyone is welcome – you don’t need specialized skills for this road trip.

“We’re the underlying tool set for creating the metaverse.” — John Riccitiello, CEO, Unity

Black and white blueprint, CAD model of a industrial machine

The Road to the Metaverse is divided into two tracks: for Executives and for Creators. Whether you’re a decision-maker who wants to understand the changing business and technology landscape or a developer creating cool applications for your industry, this series offers deep insight and practical guidance for the strategies and tools that are forging the metaverse.

Creators: Build your skills to stay on the cutting edge

Senior Technical Specialists Ben Radcliffe and Jerome Maurey-Delaunay lead the Creator track, guiding you through everything you need to know about the Unity tools for building metaverse experiences. 

Starting with the basics of the Unity Editor, Ben and Jerome guide you through how to use your existing 3D data to build truly immersive experiences in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR). They also cover deploying experiences at scale, and optimizing for the ideal end-user experience.

No matter your level of experience using Unity, you’ll build on your existing skill set and learn how to adapt real-time 3D immersive, interactive experiences to your industry needs.  

Ben and Jerome will go in-depth on topics such as:

  • Bringing digital and physical assets into Unity
  • Adding interactivity
  • Visualizing right-time data
  • The basics of AR, VR, MR and more
  • Immersive training
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit
  • Internet of Things (IoT) data in XR 
  • Geolocated AR social experiences
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No backseat drivers

Getting your hands on the tools is the best way to learn. With the Unity Editor as your starting point, you can travel many routes on your metaverse journey. You’ll discover how to use the 3D assets you already have, to build a metaverse experience that works for your industry. 

You’ll also get access to a free collection of assets curated specifically for the Creator workshops, so you can get hands-on with the techniques you learn. 

With Ben’s 20+ years of experience in the art and science of storytelling, including working with the likes of Disney, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic, and Jerome’s laser focus on interactive experiences for industrial users, with a production background, working with Tata, Airbus and Panasonic Avionics, you’re in expert hands. Discover their approach to creative metaverse applications that have real benefit for industrial users.

The first workshop for creators is on April 13, 2022 at 8:00 am PT. Keep an eye out for new episodes every month! 

3D model of skid loader being moved around in front of a sunset

Executives: Shift gears and accelerate your business strategy

Digital transformation. Industry 4.0. Digital twins. The metaverse is vast, and its implications for business and industry are complex, with many compelling issues to explore. 

Our Executive track is led by Ryan Peterson, Unity’s VP of Accelerate Solutions. Accelerate Solutions is Unity’s professional services team, offering bespoke consulting and development services to a broad range of industries from game and film studios to energy, retail, and manufacturing companies. With his deep knowledge of real-time 3D and 20+ years of experience helping companies of all sizes digitally transform their business strategy and operations, Ryan has unique insight into the challenges of industry. 

In this series of intimate talks, Ryan will discuss Unity’s view on the metaverse and how his team uses Unity’s full tech stack to help different businesses start their digital transformation journey. You’ll discover different use cases for the metaverse, and hear about digital twin implementations in various industries. Get inspiration and learn how Accelerate Solutions helped some of their biggest clients lift and shift their digital strategy successfully using emerging technologies.  

The Executive Series kicks off May 12, 2022, with two time slots to choose from (the same content will be presented at 9:00 am PT and 5:00 pm PT). Ryan will host a new discussion every two months, so stay tuned!  


It’s an ongoing journey

Check out all of the details for the Road to the Metaverse, and sign up now for both tracks to never miss an episode. All sessions will be available for you to review on demand.

And you can expand your Unity skills with the Live Learn series. In these step-by-step monthly Unity Learn workshops you’ll explore the core Unity features and workflows that can help you create, distribute, and operate rich, interactive experiences that will engage stakeholders anywhere. Choose the sessions that suit you, and build your own unique learning plan.

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April 6, 2022 in Industry | 7 min. read