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Real-time 101: explore the end-to-end animation process in Unity

March 26, 2021 in Industry | 3 min. read
A bunny is looking at you, smiling.
A bunny is looking at you, smiling.
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What happens when you take a badger, a bullfrog, a bunny, and a bear, and bring them together in a Unity scene?

Pretty much anything you want, if you learn a few things about real-time animation.

Now you’ll get your chance. Anyone interested in animation can sign up for The Road to Real-Time, our new webinar series that shows it’s possible to create great-looking real-time animation – without making massive investments of time and money, and without leaving your existing CG skills and pipelines behind.

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In each bi-weekly session, animation pro Ben Radcliffe, drawing from his background at studios including Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Disney Feature Animation, MPC, and Industrial Light and Magic, will break down the full, detailed process of how to tell animated stories using the power of real-time.

You’ll take a deep dive into every part of the animated storytelling process, from previs to final pixels – and beyond, taking your stories into new media formats like XR.

screenshot of stage with lights and an effects deck made with unity

Step-by-step Storytelling

The series will begin on April 6th by exploring how Unity can be used to previsualize your stories, blocking out shots and action in a rapid, iterative workflow.

But previz is just the beginning. Check out the end-to-end animation topics that future Road to Real-Time sessions will cover:

  • Previsualization
  • Timeline for Animated Storytelling
  • Environments
  • World Building Deep Dive
  • Look Development
  • Shader Graph for Animated Storytelling
  • Animation
  • Animation Rigging for Animated Storytelling
  • Layout
  • Cinemachine for Animated Storytelling
  • Lighting
  • HDRP for Animated Storytelling
  • FX
  • VFX Graph for Animated Storytelling
  • Post Processing
  • Color Grading for Animated Storytelling
  • Audio
  • Spatial Audio for Animated Storytelling
badger, a bullfrog, a bunny, and a bear in T-pose, standing side by side by side.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Better still, you can download the Real-Time Rascals assets and project yourself, the same ones you’ll see in each session. You’ll be able to follow right along using the characters, environments, and animation that were created in a traditional animation pipeline – and bring them to life in Unity.

Frog staring at you/into camera with adjusters on either side of it and 'Realtime Rascals Magic Virtual Camera' above it.

We’re not talking about a custom-developed, highly specialized in-house version of software. The project is completely “out of the box” – just the basics, without relying on a customized pipeline or Unity tooling. What’s more, the content is rendered using Unity’s built-in High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and runs on publicly available standard Unity software.

Shanks the frog is facing away from you/the camera, in a desert type in environment. There is a road in front of in then fields. He is standing next to a stop sign.

As you’ll see throughout the series, while Unity has powerful tools for developers, you don’t need to be one to be able to take advantage of its real-time storytelling power. 

Sign up today

Join us on the Road to Real-Time this year as you learn how to bring your stories to life. 

March 26, 2021 in Industry | 3 min. read

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