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Metaverse Minute: Building the industrial metaverse with the Partner Advisor team

January 18, 2023 in Industry | 5 min. read
Metaverse Minute: Building the industrial metaverse with the Partner Advisor team | Hero image
Metaverse Minute: Building the industrial metaverse with the Partner Advisor team | Hero image

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The holiday season may have come to an end, but the spirit of giving hasn’t gone anywhere. We’ve joined forces with our Partner Advisor team to share some things we made during the holiday season to spark new creative possibilities for your next project. Find our #12daysofUnity content compiled in this post.

Creating iPhone scavenger hunts with Unity Mars

If you’re looking to create an augmented reality (AR) experience for iPhone users, let us introduce you to a handy tool called Mars. Unity Mars allows Unity users to quickly build augmented and mixed reality (MR) experiences that are context-aware and responsive to physical space. It also happens to be the tool Rebecca used to create this fun Christmas tree scavenger hunt.

Unity Mars is included with Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and the Unity Industrial Collection. If you’re curious, you can try it out for free over 45 days to build your first project.

From Point Cloud to Mesh with Pixyz

Unity Pixyz was created for CAD professionals with the goal of addressing many difficult challenges presented by working with large-scale CAD assemblies. A number of our industrial users have adopted Pixyz to prepare their 3D data. As Gauthier describes, Pixyz can be used to turn Point Clouds into Mesh, like on this little Santa figure.

Unity Art Tools for the metaverse

As Laura mentions in her introduction, sometimes expectations don’t match reality. This is where Unity Art Tools come in. Unity Art Tools allow for greater visual fidelity – and two of our tools will be particularly useful for metaverse experiences: Ziva and SpeedTree.

Ziva is a tool that’s become well-known in the visual effects (VFX) industry, but we also view it as useful for creating avatars in the metaverse; especially when it comes to realistic facial expressions and muscle contractions.

If you follow SpeedTree on Twitter, you’ll see that the tool is used by a variety of artists. So why do we believe it’s useful for metaverse creators specifically? The answer lies in the scale and speed at which SpeedTree allows you to populate vegetation, not to mention its visual fidelity.

The ins and outs of render pipelines

Regardless of what you’re building for the industrial metaverse, you’ll need the right render pipeline. That’s where our girl Rebecca comes in.

As discussed in the video, there are two render pipelines typically used by our industrial users: The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). URP is a Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) that is convenient to customize, and lets you create optimized graphics across a wide range of platforms. The High Definition Render Pipeline is similarly a Scriptable Render Pipeline, but with a focus on high-fidelity graphics for high-end platforms. We often see users choosing HDRP for their automotive and architectural projects, such as the ones featured in these Instagram posts.

A note of gratitude to our Partner Advisors

Unity has a team dedicated to helping industrial metaverse creators bring their projects to life with the right resources. If you ever have questions regarding Unity for digital twins, we’ve linked their contact information below. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Beejal Sudra (LinkedIn), Elina Klaveniece Larsen (LinkedIn), Elizabeth Guzman (LinkedIn), Gauthier Rit (LinkedIn), Laura Sanabria (LinkedIn), Laura Thérèse Cummings (LinkedIn), Lolo Princewill (LinkedIn), Lucas Caldas (LinkedIn), Mirza Nathoo (LinkedIn), Rebecca Mwanja (LinkedIn), Samantha Rodrigues (LinkedIn)

The world is better with more creators

We can’t wait to see what you create! If you want to share your first project with our community, give us a shout on social: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

For more on Unity for digital twins, check out our recent demo or our new starter package.

January 18, 2023 in Industry | 5 min. read

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