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Look out for these Unity for Humanity creators featured at Cannes XR & XR3

June 3, 2021 in Industry | 6 min. read
Cannes XR & XR3 Header Image
Cannes XR & XR3 Header Image

In an innovative and exciting partnership, Cannes XR, NewImages Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival Immersive are joining forces together to create XR3, a virtual exhibition accessible to all audiences from 9-20 June and from 6-17 July 2021. Here’s more about XR3 and the Unity for Humanity creators that will be featured!

XR3 will be accessible through the Museum of Other Realities (MOR), an immersive multiplayer art showcase in VR. The Museum of Other Realities is a place to connect with fellow attendees, while experiencing virtual reality. 

Unity for Humanity is excited to share that five projects from the Unity for Humanity community will be showcased at XR3 in the Unity Garden. These projects include: Deep, The Dawn of Art, Agence, The Book of Distance, and Corpus Misty.

Unity for Humanity Garden featured at Cannes XR
Credit: Durk van der Meer

Whether exploring art, history, technology, spirituality or the physical body - each project is connected by it’s deep exploration of what it means to be human. 


In a time when so many of us are struggling with mental health, Deep is quite literally, a breath of fresh air. 

Breathing rituals in Deep create mindful, joyful breaths, and can manage and regulate anxiety. Made in collaboration with the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab at Radboud University, Deep’s depth and impact are profound. Take a moment at Cannes XR to breathe deeply. 

Supported by: Creative Industries / Cinekid / Mondriaan Fonds / Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab , Radboud University.

The Dawn of Art: 

Visit the Chauvet Cave in The Dawn of Art, a visually stunning and cinematic exploration of thousands of drawings created by our prehistoric ancestors, known as “humanity’s first masterpiece.” The Dawn of Art takes you into the complete darkness of the cave. By the light of your fire, you illuminate renderings of early life and culture and are able to get a closer look at the drawings. How has art and story impacted our world? Who were these early artists? The journey into the Dawn of Art is surprisingly personal, as you interact with art by artists, whose legacy lives on even 36,000 years later. 


Agence is an AI powered film-like experience, a culmination of Pietro Gagliano’s personal and professional explorations of AI, user interaction, and RT3D. Gagliano sees Artificial intelligence as a tool that could change the world forever, and he wanted to first examine AI’s impact on storytelling. The story proves to be a great vehicle for innovation. Gagliano describes the “three-way authorship” used in the creation of Agence: the filmmaker’s story, the audience’s interaction, and machine learning. Agence tells the story (never the same twice) of AI creatures (“agents”) as they react to their ever changing world. As you interact with Agence, the AI creatures, called “agents”, react to the emerging story world, created by both human and machine.

Supported by: Transitional Forms / The National Film Board of Canada

The Book of Distance:

The Book of Distance is a personal and intimate exploration of Canada’s disturbing and racist history. Following World War II, Japanese Internment Camps were created that aimed to “eliminate” Japanese Canadians by removing them from their communities. Artist Randall Okita explores this painful history through the story of his grandfather,Yonezo Okita. The experience pulls from the virtual (interaction, 2D and 3D art) and the analog (sculpture,Japanese Woodblock prints, pen and ink). What is created is a poetic exploration of family and legacy, and how to make sense of what was lost and can never return. 

Supported by: The National Film Board of Canada

Corpus Misty

Corpus Misty is a meditation on creativity, queer identity, and the human spirit. 

An immersive documentary set in an abstract world where colourful globules bubble up around you, the experience is mesmerizing, fascinating, and unassuming.The movement around you allows you to focus on the incredible stories being told. As you listen, the shapes dance and disarm. You move beyond the physical experience of being human and are able to reflect on the stories being told of mental health, gender, race, faith, and death, and spirit, through the lens of femme identifying humans. The playful world created by the artists has a powerful purpose: to promote collective wisdom over secrecy. These stories are meant to be experienced and shared, not hidden.

Supported by: Sundance MacArthur Grant / Kaleidoscope / Medium


In our next Unity for Humanity blog, we will showcase Unity social impact creators heading to the Tribeca Film Festival 2021.

June 3, 2021 in Industry | 6 min. read