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LiveWire celebrates going public with Unity Interactive Streaming

January 23, 2023 in Industry | 7 min. read
LiveWire celebrates going public with Unity Interactive Streaming | Hero image
LiveWire celebrates going public with Unity Interactive Streaming | Hero image
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The LiveWire banner unveiling outside the NYSE

What happens when some of the coolest electric vehicle (EV) motorcycle technology on the planet meets one of the oldest time-honored traditions in public stock exchanges? One of the most exciting celebrations of going public in 2022.

On September 26 at 9:00 am ET, LiveWire, an EV motorcycle company, debuted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It was a chance for a company on the cutting edge of technology to celebrate being a successful leader in the global trend of energy transition and recognize the important contributions of its employees.

Harley Davidson has taken proactive action in spinning off its EV motorcycle division, LiveWire, as a separate public company. The virtual celebration of LiveWire becoming a public company had to match the company’s ambitions for electric motorcycles. LiveWire turned to Unity Interactive Streaming to make the celebration an employee-centered, interactive virtual event.

LiveWire EV motorcycle close-up

Adding another gear to employee engagement

Traditionally, when a company goes public, the celebration is only attended by company executives on the physical floor of the exchange. With Unity Interactive Streaming, thousands of LiveWire employees and guests were able to ring the virtual bell and sign the virtual wall at the same time as the people in the physical world at the NYSE.

To ensure full employee inclusion and participation, Okta is configured and tested weeks before the event so guests can easily access the site on the day of the event. As part of the event, Unity’s team integrates the real-time video streams from the NYSE to provide an hour-long production of stories, interviews, and key moments within the interactive streaming platform to give the look and feel of an in-person event for employees around the world, while also allowing interactivity and engagement.

With a combined emoji interaction count of over 74,000 it worked out to more than 70 interactions per guest over a 60-minute event.

LiveWire's in-browser experience for its NYSE celebration

Rendering content with Unity Interactive Streaming

Alongside the interactive elements, there was also a wide variety of 3D content and assets, including the virtual NYSE trading floor, camera fly-throughs, a LiveWire banner unfurl, branded media assets, and interactive celebration moments. Unity was used to highlight digital renders of real-world moments, including the raising of the LiveWire banner and the transition to the virtual bell-ringing on the balcony. For LiveWire, it was imperative to highlight its incredible motorcycles during the real-world Wall Street event, as well as during the digital experience on Unity.

All of the assets were produced, combined, and rendered into one seamless user experience for the web using the Unity Engine. To ensure the motorcycles were shown in true form, the Unity team was able to texture, light, and render the LiveWire Motorcycles in real-time 3D and integrate them into the virtual NYSE environment.

A LiveWire EV motorcycle photographed outside of the NYSE on Wall Street

Going bold to open a path for other companies

Unity Interactive Streaming was originally used by Unity for its own IPO. Now, that experience has expanded with new features and functionality, and has grown into a product that is delighting those who’ve had a chance to use it. At its core, the experience is meant to focus on what’s most important: the employees who are the lifeblood of any organization. “In It Together,” a value we hold dear at Unity, certainly rings true with every listing event the Interactive Streaming team completes with our incredible partners, like the New York Stock Exchange.

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January 23, 2023 in Industry | 7 min. read
Topics covered
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